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Understand why your forecast has changed and spot risks in the forecast

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Understand why your forecast changed

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Inspect your forecasts and see why it has changed

Calling a perfect forecast every quarter is near impossible. That’s a problem when the forecast dictates how much you can invest to keep growing.

There is no magic AI-powered wand that will solve your forecasting troubles. It begins with understanding what deals are forecast and why. This knowledge leads to better decision-making from the CFO to sales leadership and your sellers.

It’s no longer necessary to rely on your gut to call your forecast. Long gone are the late nights trying to understand why your forecast has changed.

With Ebsta, there’s a better way. It’s a way equipped with clarity on why your forecast is changing and the context of why deals will or will not close this quarter. There are even early risk indicators to call out deals likely to slip and spoil your forecast.

Here's how: