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How to qualify deals with the Deal Qualification Guide.

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Qualify Deals with MEDDPICC®

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How to use MEDDPICC® to help you close more deals

MEDDPICC® helps reps to understand deals and what is required to close them. When they know this, they can be far more focused in their approach, targeting the key decision makers, and knowing exactly how to message – ultimately helping them to close more.

We created the Deal Qualification Guide to allow reps to follow the MEDDPICC® methodology – this is a simple 8 step process to take the pain out of qualifying opportunities. Better yet, this information syncs back to their CRM automatically.

MEDDPICC® helps reps to define what the success looks like at the beginning of the deal – making it much easier to then build a plan to close it. As a result, this helps to improve win rates, shorten sales cycles and help them to hit their quota.

Here's how: