Pipeline Review Using MEDDPICC®

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Pipeline Reviews are a rep's chance to discuss their opportunities and get the coaching and support they need.

Sometimes though it’s hard for them to know what they don’t know…

Without a system in place for breaking down these deals into easily digestible chunks, it can be overwhelming – for reps and managers. This is made even worse when the information is spread across multiple platforms and spreadsheets.

This is why sales methodologies have become so popular. Your methodology outlines the steps reps need to take to qualify their opportunities.

Qualified opps optimize the use of reps’ time by determining if a prospect is a good fit for your solution – meaning they have a higher return on investment and close rate. Standardizing the procedure creates a repeatable, predictable process for sales teams to focus on in order to close deals successfully.

One such example of this is MEDDPICC®. This helps reps to understand deals and what is required to close them. When they know this, they can be far more focused in their approach, targeting the key decision makers, and knowing exactly how to message – ultimately helping them to close more.

Ebsta introduced the Deal Qualification Guide to enable sales teams to review the 8 MEDDPICC® criteria and update them in real-time.

This enables you to combine a data-driven pipeline review with a thorough sales methodology to ensure reps hit (or exceed) their quota.

Here's how: