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5 Reasons Why Customers Choose Ebsta Over Salesforce Inbox

Inputting endless data into Salesforce is time-consuming and takes away valuable time that could be used to close more deals, and improve customer engagement and relationships.

However, a common questions we’re asked is “How is Ebsta different from Salesforce Inbox?” To help you understand the major differences between these two products, we’ve put together 5 reasons why customers choose Ebsta over Salesforce Inbox.


Easy to use

Ebsta brings the power of Salesforce directly into your Mailbox, allowing you to easily view, edit and update Salesforce records from within your personal environment.

Our suite of sales engagement tools enable you to automatically sync emails and calendars, create personalized cadences, get direct access to Salesforce templates, track email opens at the click of a button, and much more!

To sum it all up, Ebsta Inbox gives you easy access to records so much quicker, and will allow you to spend more time selling!


Advanced calendar and email configuration

While these are two different features, Ebsta enables you to automatically sync all meetings and emails directly into your Salesforce.

Say goodbye to time consuming, manual calendar entry. Ebsta allows you to sync every meeting into Salesforce, or bi-directionally into your Mailbox, so that you don’t have to remember to log every event.

Ebsta syncs your email data to Salesforce without any manual entry. And with native sync, your emails will automatically sync even when you send emails from mobile devices.


Personalized Cadences

One of Ebsta’s biggest claims to fame is the ability to create personalized cadences, to help you to engage more with customers and prospects. This feature allows you to automate your workflow, by enrolling up to 500 recipients from within either your Mailbox or Salesforce.

Not only can you streamline your outreach and improve the effectiveness of your activity with key insights, you can now understand the performance of these cadences, with open rates, click rates, and reply rates. This data can then measure the performance of your workflow and improve cadence success.


Ebsta Everywhere

Ebsta allows you to seamlessly integrate with 50+ websites, including Linkedin, Xing, Zoominfo, Indeed and many more, and brings you key insights to where you actively engage with customers.

Ebsta serves as a window into Salesforce wherever you’re working, so you will be able to view, edit and update a Salesforce record without leaving the website you’re working in.


#1 rated with world-wide customer support

Ebsta is the #1 rated Email integration for Salesforce on the AppExchange, G2Crowd, and Capterra, with over 1,600 customers worldwide! This revolutionary platform is currently trusted by companies in a whopping 24 countries around the globe.

With that being said, Ebsta provides the best Customer Support for all accounts.

We can now see every inbound & outbound email communication

Sending emails and syncing these into Salesforce was a tedious process and rapidly consumed a large amount of time. We demoed a multitude of different Email Integration Apps and even looked into a few Data connectors, but none could offer the same features as Ebsta.
– Brandon webb, Sales & Marketing Director, Cambridge Education Group


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