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Salesforce Data Quality Series: Sales Engagement Score

If Salesforce is the engine that connects your salespeople with your customers and provides in-depth, 360 views of the lead lifecycle, then data is the fuel that powers the beast.

But, what if you’re giving your Salesforce engine E10 when it really needs diesel?

Poor data quality is an ongoing issue in every business in the world.

Since data has become the glue that holds our tech stack and customer relationships together, inaccurate, stale, or lost data can have serious consequences for any brand. In fact, according to Gartner, the average financial impact of bad data at a business is $14.2 million annually.

On top of this, over 90% of business report admit to having issues with data governance. That’s a ton of dough! The fact is, data is such a crucial part of our day-to-day operations that poor data can disrupt workflows, impact customers, and lose leads. But, that’s what you have Salesforce for, right?

It handles all of that crucial customer data… doesn’t it?


Why Your Salesforce Data May Be Inaccurate

Here’s the thing — more than half of Salesforce users believe that up to 80% of their data is neither useful nor reliable.


Their data is stale, missing, or, more importantly, incomplete. Think about all of the data sitting in your Salesforce app.

How much of it is synced together?

Do you really have a 360-degree view of your customer?

Or, do fractured elements of your complete customer profile sit stuck somewhere between inboxes, calendars, contacts, and past communications?

Salesforce is a powerful tool, but it needs data to display accurate customer details, and if that data is stuck floating between various touchpoints, you’re not getting a clear customer view.

Instead, you’re looking at one piece of the puzzle. So, when that salesperson contacts that lead, they aren’t approaching them with best-of-breed data and a winning strategy — they’re trying to decipher past contacts, previous interactions, and engagement scores.

That’s a huge problem.

Picture trying to make a sale when you can’t even figure out where your customer sits in the funnel. Did they already talk to another salesperson?

If so, is that data clear, or did the other sales associate stick that information in their inbox or attach it to a calendar?

Do you really have clear customer visibility, or are you simply trying to force your way through interactions based on hopeful data points?

How Data Quality Impacts Your Sales Engagement Score

Your sales engagement score should be the light that leads salespeople to a conversion. It lets them know where the customer is at, how much they’ve consumed, and all of their previous interactions. Unfortunately, many businesses are working off of inaccurate sales engagement scores.

It’s not that the data doesn’t exist. It does. It’s just sitting in a random cloud server or it was incorrectly inputted during manual data entry. The problem isn’t that you don’t have enough data. The data that you do have just isn’t working for you.

Did you know that a recent Nintex survey showed that 49% of salespeople said they had issues locating documents and searching through data?

Previous engagement should be seamlessly shared across salespeople workflows, and each salesperson should have rapid and accurate insights into customer behaviors, interactions, and engagement levels. With Salesforce, that can be difficult. It’s not that Salesforce is inherently bad at capturing data — it’s not. It’s that there are so many environments within Salesforce that data can often become trapped.

On top of this, manual data entry can lead to errors and incorrect profiling.

So, what do you do?

How do you find a solution that can help you manage all of that mission-critical Salesforce engagement data?

Is there a way to automate all of those redundant manual data entry touchpoints? Can you find a way to sync Salesforce data across your pipeline to provide you with a crystal-clear outlook on your prospects’ sales engagement scores?

You bet!

How Ebsta Can Help

With Ebsta, all of that data is synced across inboxes, calendars, and workflows. So, when your salespeople are in the clutch and they need to make that last-minute free throw, they have clean, accurate insights into every customer engagement score.

Oliver Squires, Ebsta’s Head Of Business Development elaborates on this here:

Not only does Ebsta sync your inboxes and calendars, but it displays all of that information contextually against your existing Salesforce record.

This means that salespeople don’t have to scout out data and spend all of that time searching through irrelevant, fractured contacts and engagement records.

Instead, they can rapidly find exactly what they need and spend time focusing on customer-centric sales behaviors.

Did you know that up to 40% of your customer interactions are hidden in salespeople’s inboxes? It can be tough to make that killer warm, nurturing introduction when you don’t know who you’re talking to.

With Ebsta, all of that data is instantly and accurately displayed.

With our Ebsta Engagement Score, you can see an accurate measure of customer engagement based on all previous interactions, inbox information, calendar appointments, and communications.

Do you have customers who have low engagement levels and may need a little extra love?

Now you know! Did that prospect who just called have three other quick touchpoints with previous reps?

You’ll know why and when in seconds. Schedule meetings, breed productivity, understand customers, and engage faster, better, and with more information than ever.

Ebsta puts the data in your hands. All you have to do is capture the sale. Do you want to see how it works for yourself? Book a demo.