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Learn from the brightest minds how to predictably and efficiently grow revenue.

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A New Focus For CMOs: Achieve More with Less with Jeff Marcoux of Bombora

In this episode of the Revenue Insights Podcast, host Guy Rubin is joined by Jeff Marcoux, CMO at

Bombora, a company that uses intent data services with a primary focus on assisting in understanding what businesses are actively researching, empowering them to take strategic actions in sales, marketing, and other related initiatives. 

In this episode, we tackle how to improve your team’s efficiency in strategy, time, and energy across deals that are on track as a marketing or operations leader. We go over the significance of efficient metrics like conversion rates and pipeline velocity for optimizing marketing operations, the marketing approaches used by 29% of top performers who consistently meet their quotas, as well as predictive and actionable strategies that align with sales objectives, identifying successful deal patterns to inform your future strategies.

Jeff is an expert in marketing and is dedicated to helping organizations achieve their revenue targets. Driven by a passion for challenging the status quo, he’s always at the forefront of innovation, actively seeking opportunities for collaboration and alignment with sales and product teams! Jeff’s natural inclination as a builder enables him to architect solutions that fill the sales funnel, accelerate the pipeline, and increase win rates.

Time Stamps:

  • 00:59 – Guy’s backstory and role at Ebsta
  • 03:19 – The need for CMOs to prioritize predictability and efficiency in marketing operations
  • 06:40 – The challenge of data accuracy and reliable sources of data and insights
  • 10:06 – The role of CMOs in driving predictable, efficient growth
  • 14:00 – Leveraging data-driven approaches
  • 17:11 – CMOs’ use of technology to streamline processes
  • 19:10 – Enhancing sales effectiveness through relationship building
  • 24:00 – Leveraging data-driven insights for marketing optimization
  • 29:52 – Utilizing data and metrics for the best sales results
  • 38:21 – How to do relationship engagement right
  • 44:30 – Driving predictable growth: using data and relationship scoring
  • 47:30 – Maximizing sales effectiveness through clean data and intelligent insights

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