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Driving Digital Transformation and Innovation in Sales with Mary Shea, VP of Global Innovation Evangelist at Outreach

Mary Shea, VP of Global Innovation Evangelist at Outreach, joins us in the next episode of The Revenue Insights podcast to discuss how sales leaders can drive digital transformation and innovation, the B2B sales changes, and the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Creating innovative ways to go-to-market

When looking for her next career opportunity, Mary decided to take the title VP of Global Innovation Evangelist because she wanted to bring innovation to every aspect of the go-to-market strategy at Outreach.

From art to science

Mary believes that the sales process shifted from art to science. Back in the day, sellers didn’t have the technological advancements that exist today. Currently, the most successful sellers, leaders, and managers are the ones that lean into the science more, using tools, data, and insights to design the selling process.

Global digital sales transformation

Mary admits that the US is leading with technology adoption and innovation in the sales tech space. But digital sales transformation is still at the beginning, and organizations need to innovate. As the world changes, technology will play a great role in bringing buyers and sellers together and driving massive efficiencies for organizations.

B2B sales changes

Forrester will release a study called “Generational Shifts Fundamentally Changed B2B Buyer and Seller Dynamics”. Its purpose is to understand how the buying cycle changed in the past twenty-four months across the UK, the USA, and Canada. The study reveals that sales cycles are much longer.

The first step in digital transformation and innovation in sales

Understand the trends and the dynamics between buying and selling and how to talk to the new cohort of buyers, of which millennials are the primary drivers.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Every member of society should have equal opportunities for wealth creation and doing the types of jobs that give them passion. We also know that diversity of thought, backgrounds, and cultures contribute to better business outcomes.

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