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Deal Qualification Guide Scoring

I can’t wait to qualify all of my opportunities” said no sales rep ever.

But the fact remains, qualifying opportunities is essential in order to have a healthy pipeline that ensures reps fully understand their opportunities so that they can close them. We created the Deal Qualification Guide to allow reps to follow the MEDDPICC methodology – this is a simple 8 step process to take the pain out of qualifying opportunities.

MEDDPICC helps reps to define what the success looks like at the beginning of the deal – making it much easier to then build a plan to close it. As a result, that helps improve win rates, shorten sales cycles and help them hit quota.

Now we are making this even better with scoring for the Deal Qualification Guide. This means reps can allocate a score from 1-10 to the 8 criteria. To recap, these criteria are:

  • Metrics
  • Economic Buyer
  • Decision Criteria
  • Decision Process
  • Paper Process
  • Implicate the Pain
  • Champion
  • Competitor 

Unsure what each of the 8 different criteria mean? With this update, we have created an easy checklist to ensure reps are on the right track. See this example below of the checklist for metrics..

We have also given reps best in class descriptions of the four categories that are color coded so they can be confident in their score.

Red = Score from 1-3

Orange = Score from 4-6

Light green = Score from 7-8

Dark green = Score from 9-10

When a rep selects a category, the score will automatically go to the highest number in that category but they can easily change this by hovering over the coloured number and selecting the number they think is appropriate.

For example you might select the red category (1-3) for economic buyer and this will automatically go to a score of 3. However, you have no idea who the economic buyer is, so you think this should be a score of 1. Now you can easily change it to show this.

Below each score, reps can fill out any supporting notes they have to back up and justify their decision.

The scoring will then be displayed on the Opportunity Table so that reps and managers can see how qualified opportunities are at a glance when reviewing their opportunities. The colors displayed for each of the 8 criteria are the categories we discussed earlier. For example, if the MEDDPICC bar for an opportunity is all red then that opportunity isn’t well qualified. Contrastingly, if it is in all dark green it is qualified.

This guided approach to qualifying opportunities is easy for reps to follow and takes the guesswork out of qualifying opportunities.

This is a huge step forwards towards enabling sales teams to review their pipeline and identify clear next steps on how to drive a deal forward. Ebsta now enables teams to identify and score the economic buyers, champions, decision criteria etc within the platform whilst teams are reviewing their pipeline. What is more, with the introduction of Ebsta in Salesforce via Web components, you don’t even need to leave your CRM to see how qualified opportunities are.

The Ebsta Deal Qualification Guide is available for customers with the following subscription today;

  • Professional 
  • Ultimate

To begin qualifying your prospects and potential buyers (if you are not already using Ebsta) then get connected today.

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