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You Can’t Sell to Someone Who Can’t Buy with Michael Dalley, CRO at Aerial Vantage

In this episode, Guy and Michael explore the lessons Michael has learned over his twenty years of sales leadership experience. Discover the importance of forecasting accuracy, the potential of the Challenger methodology, and why you can’t sell to someone who can’t buy.

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Simplicity: The Foundation for Building Efficient Sales Products and Processes with Pouyan Salehi, CEO and Co-founder of Scratchpad

Pouyan Salehi, CEO and Co-founder of Scratchpad joins us in the next episode of The Revenue Insights podcast to discuss some of the most challenging sales problems, the importance of increasing collaboration between teams, and the motivation behind building simple and flexible sales products and processes.

Solving sales problems

Driven by the idea of solving problems and designing valuable products that impact people positively, Pouyan and his business partner started building products for salespeople, which led to Scratchpad.

The biggest sales problem

Depending on your organizational role, you may encounter different problems. From a salesperson’s perspective, the biggest problem is the lack of tools built for salespeople. Most of the tools are developed for managers, leaders, and ops professionals, while salespeople need to adjust their work around those processes.

Empowering the sales managers

Sales managers are the ones driving the revenue. Even if businesses would like to create a rigid, repeatable, and linear sales approach, sales is a more dynamic and complex process that requires flexibility. For AEs, it’s crucial to empower them to hire the right salespeople and create a positive culture for people.

Focus on the customer to build a simple sales process 

Build a simple process that starts with listening to your customer and understanding what you are trying to achieve.

Increasing collaboration between teams

The number of people and teams involved in sales and delivering customer experience has increased, especially in SaaS. So focus on setting up a positive collaboration process. Otherwise, it can lead to lost revenue and a negative customer experience. Make sure you have great alignment across your entire revenue team. 

Salespeople are different

Pouyan admits that building products for salespeople is hard because everyone works differently. Instead, they focus on building flexible products that salespeople can adapt to their processes instead of trying to make them adapt to a rigid and structured solution.

Table of Contents

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