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How Can RevOps Leaders Successfully Build and Manage Go-to-Market Processes with Asia Corbett, Senior Revenue Operations Manager of Go-to-Market at Bread Financial

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Choosing a company to work for

Working in an organization is a choice based on company values, processes, and people. For Asia, that means transparency and openness, a good attitude towards RevOps, and great team members.

Embracing revenue operations

Having a revenue operations specialist in your company has several benefits. RevOps looks across business silos and gets a holistic view of the business processes. It also aligns sales, marketing, and customer success teams. Lastly, it drives more revenue by building a collaborative process between the revenue-generating functions.

Looking for the right RevOps leader

A successful RevOps leader or manager needs to possess strong project management skills, technical skills, good communication and presentation skills, the ability to problem-solve, strategize, and think creatively.

The importance of being process-driven

The process is the foundation of everything from an operational perspective. If you don’t have a customer onboarding process, it may negatively affect your revenues and increase the risk of overlooking important details.

Building the process

Start with the process audit by listing the sales, marketing, and customer success processes. Then, list the high-level steps in each process, map out everything, and identify the gaps. From there, put together a plan and build your process.

Table of Contents

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