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How Can Sales Operations Leaders Leverage Growth Opportunities with Michael Heilmann, VP of WW Sales Operations at Demandbase

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Build Versus Growth

All three stages represent different sizes of companies and have specific challenges. When you are at the build stage, there is the need to close the deal that would push the business forward. The growth stage is more about scaling, maturing, and creating more. 

Building the Machine

When Michael joined Demandbase his main goal was to build the business machine and develop an organized and effective sales and marketing processes.

Helping Sales Leaders Reach Their Goals

Positive collaboration between operation specialists and sales leaders requires the latter to understand the business numbers and drivers behind them.

Planning a Successful Acquisition

Acquiring a new business pushes ops professionals beyond their limits. It’s essential to meet up early with your counterparts on the sales ops team and start planning everything in detail. You also have to adopt a new CRM, which usually is the acquiring company’s.

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