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The Art and Science of Selling with Andy Paul, Author, Podcaster, and Speaker

In this episode, Lee and Andy dig into the art and science of selling. They explore the need to align values betweens individual sellers and their managers, the importance of listening to your buyers to determine what processes you implement, and the value of giving your sellers autonomy to find their own unique selling styles.

Why Do You Win and Lose Deals? Insights from Guy Rubin, CEO of Ebsta, at Inbound 2023

In this episode, Guy discusses Ebsta’s process for producing insights reports, guiding you through an example from an anonymous company, to help you to understand why you win and lose deals. Guy Rubin is the Founder and CEO of Ebsta and is passionate about helping B2B sales teams scale their revenue engine. Having been founded...

A 5-Step Framework For Efficient Coaching with Consultant Justin Jay Johnson

In this episode, Lee and Justin discuss the current disengagement among sales reps and how this can be addressed. Justin shares his five-step framework for coaching: Tell, Show, Observe, Coach, Repeat, offering both reps and companies advice for encouraging constant improvement and progression to help with quota attainment.


Leading Business Integration After an Acquisition with Camron Shahmirzadi, Head of Revenue Operations of the Lightstep Business Unit at ServiceNow

In this episode of The Revenue Insights podcast, Camron Shahmirzadi, Head of Revenue Operations of the Lightstep Business Unit at ServiceNow, shares valuable insights on how to succeed as a RevOps professional and how to integrate business operations during an acquisition.

Integrating Lightstep Into ServiceNow

Camron has eleven years of increasing scope of responsibility in GTM/Revenue Operations with high-tech market leaders. In 2021, ServiceNow acquired Lighstep. Camron became the Head of Revenue Operations, focusing on integrating Lighstep operations, products, and processes into ServiceNow.

Business Integration Challenges

One of the biggest challenges is identifying the right stakeholders for specific business areas and getting approval before you can move forward. For a company like ServiceNow, you have to get consensus across the board, and have a conversation with a much broader audience to understand whether or not you can move forward with the proposal.

Aligning the Forecasting 

The first thing Camron and his team had to do was to align the companies’ forecast categories in CRMs, start using the same terms and make sure they are rolling up information to the same forecast categories and that the teams are consistent across the board.

It’s All About Consistency

Creating consistency between revenue operation teams starts with setting clear goals. Make sure to sync with all teams the go-to-market function to define what you’re measuring, what’s important for the organization, what the targets are, and that you have a single source of truth for the data.

RevOps and Stakeholders

A revenue operation specialist should be a trusted business partner for the stakeholders. They need to be proactive, constantly speak with their stakeholders, provide a best-in-class customer experience, be transparent, and share frequent updates.

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