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Branden’s journey into Rev Ops 

Branden earned a degree in psychology. He loved the idea of bringing people together and helping them maximize their abilities and skills to improve project outcomes. His love for math and analytics deepened during his MBA and supportive mentors in his career helped develop his curiosity of going beyond analytics into sales and marketing. His multifaceted work at Degreed also helped him gain a variety of skills on the job.

Making the best of acquisitions 

For acquisitions to succeed, it’s critical to have executive sponsors aligned on the same revenue strategy with a single source of truth. To simplify rev ops, consider creating an independent CX ops role so marketing ops and sales ops can work with rev ops without losing focus.

Optimizing internal reporting from 2 weeks to 3 hours

To implement this, start by refining specific data points based on the customer life cycle. Once that is achieved, understand the complete high-level funnel strategy. Aim to create a centralized account scoring system. It helps avoid “death by PowerPoint or spreadsheet”.

Birdeye’s revenue ops focus

At Birdeye, they off-loaded communications to a new hire for the CCO (Chief Communications Officer) role. Branden’s focus in the first 90 days is to refine and reorganize the fundamentals of their process. They’re also reviewing their tech stack. All of this will help find scaling opportunities and get the company ready for an IPO. 

Role of revenue ops 

Revenue ops help achieve complete alignment and faster processes which collectively help optimize marketing and sales ops for full, simplified accountability. 

Branden’s most helpful books on rev ops

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