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How to embrace change in your revenue function with Pilar Schenk, COO at Cisco Global Security & Collaboration

Pilar has an incredible amount of experience at enterprise-sized companies. During her 15 years at Dell, she was able to figure out her strengths and passions and found herself switching roles every 2 to 3 years. Pilar loves change, being close to the customer, and driving growth. 

Show notes:

00:40 – 4:30- Pilar’s story

05:02 – 08:45- Pilar’s role at Cisco and how the collaboration function operates

09:10 – 12:08 – How to unite teams behind a single vision

12:37 – 15:40 – How the role of operations is maturing

15:50 – 17:30 – How to hire go-to-market talent

18:15 – 22:31- Tackling the problem of having no visibility of your numbers

22:40 – 25:05 – How to evolve your tech stack with a new operations function

25:20 – 28:44- How to get teams rowing in the same direction (please use for main release)

29:30 – 31:55 – Pilar’s Book Recommendation – Great at Work by Morten Hansen

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