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Mastering Sales and Customer Lifecycle Through Value Hypothesis with the GTM Team from Mabl

This week on the Revenue Insights Podcast, Anthony Palladino, Blake Kelly, and Kirsten Vonck from Mabl discuss the Value Hypothesis framework, consultative selling, customer success, and building credibility in sales. Learn how to drive sales success and improve customer lifecycle management.

Active Listening, Intent Data, and Events as Pipeline Game Changers with Leslie Venetz of The Sales-Led GTM Agency

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A Single Funnel Approach to PLG Motions with Kristen Habacht, CRO at Typeform

Tune into the Revenue Insights Podcast! This week, Typeform CRO Kristen Habacht reveals their single funnel approach to product-led growth, the power of zero party data, and why PLG sales needs a fresh perspective.


Why a customer-first approach is a key to growth with Evan Liang, CEO of LeanData

Early on in Evan’s career, as a general manager, he ran into problems getting systems to work well together. He faced data problems and process challenges. Being product and process-orientated, Evan quickly realized early that people are going to need their data and processes to be more efficient in order for them to drive sales and marketing efficiencies. This is the light bulb moment that led to the creation of LeanData. 

Show notes:

00:45 – 2:00- Evan and Lean Data’s Story

02:10 – 05:22 – Where the inspiration for Lean Data came from

05:55 – 10:10- How being customer-first has been the key to Lean Data’s growth 

10:30 – 11:58- The value of building valuable relationships with customers

12:24 – 14:45- How Lean Data’s go-to-market team is structured

15:16 – 17:49- Why the SDR function has been key to growing Lean Data’s pipeline

18:15 – 20:28 – How to retain great GTM talent

21:11 – 23:36 – Building revenue operations from a pool of advocates

25:12 – 28:18- Scaling the customer-first approach

29:23 – 31:32 – Why the digital transformation of sales teams is continuing to evolve

32:38 – 33:12 – The challenges of RevOps for enterprise companies

33:59 -35:40 – How to adapt the sales process to enterprise businesses

35:59 – 37:46 – Why being partner-centric would be driven more early growth

38:04 – 39:18 – Book Recommendation – Ben Horowitz’s The Hard Thing about Hard Things

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