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Why revenue teams need to adapt to meet the needs of their ICP with Kirk Fackre, Vice President of Sales, iCorps Technologies

Initially Kirk was suspicious of a career in sales but as he jumped from operations to sales manager and the industry evolved, he realized that sales is complex, it is a robust wide profession that requires both  soft skills and hard skills. The biggest shift in Kirk’s experience has been a shift from traditional product sales to solution sales. 

Show Notes 

00:00 – 2:33.- Kirk’s story

2:33 – 4:34 – The importance of moving from product sales to solutions sales

4:35 – 8:15 – The challenge of achieving personalisation at scale

9:03 – 12:12 – Why transactional sales is coming to an end

13:55 – 17:09 – How to cut-through the noise in sales

17:10 – 19:20 – Kirk’s perspective on small business sales

19: 36 – 20:40 – What Kirk has learned in the last 5 years

21:09 – 23:40 – Why revenue teams need to adapt to meet the needs of their ICP

24:10  – 27:40 – Don’t assume, validate your ideas (Please use this for the first post)

27:57 – 29:00- Why salespeople need to plan

29:00 – 30:50- How iCorps are navigating a revenue team without revenue operations

31:00 – 32:05- Kirk’s advice for salespeople

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