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You Can’t Sell to Someone Who Can’t Buy with Michael Dalley, CRO at Aerial Vantage

In this episode, Guy and Michael explore the lessons Michael has learned over his twenty years of sales leadership experience. Discover the importance of forecasting accuracy, the potential of the Challenger methodology, and why you can’t sell to someone who can’t buy.

From Inbound to Outbound: The Sago Sales Transformation with CRO Katharine Reagan

Katharine Reagan, CRO of Sago, joins the Revenue Insights Podcast to share how Sago pivoted from Inbound to Outbound sales, discussing key metrics, qualification methodologies, and sales pipeline stages.

How Top Sellers Use Data to Win Big with JD Miller

Discover how data analysis transforms sales performance. Learn strategies for personalized outreach, relationship building, and data-driven sales planning from Kantata's CRO, JD Miller.


Why revenue teams need to adapt to meet the needs of their ICP with Kirk Fackre, Vice President of Sales, iCorps Technologies

Initially Kirk was suspicious of a career in sales but as he jumped from operations to sales manager and the industry evolved, he realized that sales is complex, it is a robust wide profession that requires both  soft skills and hard skills. The biggest shift in Kirk’s experience has been a shift from traditional product sales to solution sales. 

Show Notes 

00:00 – 2:33.- Kirk’s story

2:33 – 4:34 – The importance of moving from product sales to solutions sales

4:35 – 8:15 – The challenge of achieving personalisation at scale

9:03 – 12:12 – Why transactional sales is coming to an end

13:55 – 17:09 – How to cut-through the noise in sales

17:10 – 19:20 – Kirk’s perspective on small business sales

19: 36 – 20:40 – What Kirk has learned in the last 5 years

21:09 – 23:40 – Why revenue teams need to adapt to meet the needs of their ICP

24:10  – 27:40 – Don’t assume, validate your ideas (Please use this for the first post)

27:57 – 29:00- Why salespeople need to plan

29:00 – 30:50- How iCorps are navigating a revenue team without revenue operations

31:00 – 32:05- Kirk’s advice for salespeople

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The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson

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