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Social selling, empathy in sales, and diagnosing problems with your sales process with Sebastian van Heyningen, President – Revenue Operations Consultant at Central Metric

Starting off as an SDR, Sebastian rejected the traditional sales route of becoming an AE. He felt he was more suited to being a full-cycle seller, working through the entirety of the sales cycle. Sebastian now consults with many high-growth businesses to integrate RevOps into their processes. 

Show Notes:

00:32 – 05:25- Sebastien’s Story

05:56 – 08:34- How sales teams are slowly becoming more progressive

09:16 – 10:52- Lacking empathy and understanding is holding back businesses

11:36 – 13:04 -How leadership can turn empathy for their revenue teams into value

13:33 – 16:15 – Why sales teams have to adapt to the new buyer journey

16:47 – 18:37 – How to diagnose problems with your sales process

19:46 – 22:32 – The importance of adapting to new ways of selling

23:10 – 28:50- Why social selling is about driving referrals – not leads

29:10 – 33:19 – Why PLG is so popular in RevOps communities right now

33:31 – 34:40 – Sebastien’s Book Recommendation – Thank you for Arguing by Jay Heinrichs

34:58 – 38:19 – Sebastien’s dreams of becoming an un-billionaire

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Diagnosing problems with your sales process 

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