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 A People-First Approach to RevOps with Srujan Joshi of EventMobi

This week on the Revenue Insights Podcast, we are joined by Srujan Joshi, Revenue Operations Lead at EventMobi.

In this episode, Lee and Srujan explore the EventMobi person-first approach to RevOps. Srujan explains how most RevOps leaders go wrong by not considering the right person for a project, shares examples of times EventMobi got it wrong, and explores their recent integration of the CRM and how that has improved their collaboration across the team.

Srujan is a results-driven RevOps professional with a demonstrated history of working in the SaaS industry. As Revenue Operations Lead at EventMobi, the trusted event tech partner for 30,000+ organizations, Srujan is responsible for the data, processes, and systems surrounding the revenue teams. Prior to joining EventMobi, Srujan led and supported multiple CRM implementation projects at ALTA Consulting.

Time Stamps:

  • 00:25 – Who is Srujan Joshi?
  • 04:00 – The go-to market team
  • 06:30 – A people-first approach to RevOps
  • 09:06 – Choosing the right people for a project
  • 15:36 – Integrating the CRM
  • 23:01 – Goals for 2024
  • 27:39 – RevOps misconceptions
  • 33:11 – Srujan’s book recommendation: Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni


How to Approach RevOps

For any project, Srujan focuses on the people, processes, technology, and strategy from the beginning. Many RevOps people tend to be so focused on the technology and processes that they don’t make sure they have the right people in place. Srujan points out that without them and without the right incentive structure to help achieve the business goals, the entire project will fail. He always makes sure people are the first port of call. 

The Right People

Srujan explains that a few years ago at EventMobi, they were very inbound-focused, with most of their revenue influenced by the marketing team bringing in leads. A couple of years ago, they created an outbound channel, giving the sales team revenue responsibility that wasn’t dependent on marketing. They first looked into the different types of technology they needed but didn’t consider the people. Instead, they moved people from the inbound team onto the outbound team. After a few months, they weren’t getting the desired results, which Srujan attributes to having the wrong people and incentives program in place. They shifted gears to hire an outbound-focused person instead and changed the compensation structure, and with this, they started to see the results they wanted. 

Integrating the CRM

Twelve months ago, the EventMobi revenue team was quite siloed. Due to working with different applications, the success and services teams were unable to collaborate and nobody had a holistic view of everything that was happening. Thus, in the last few months, they have focussed on integrating the CRM. Specifically, they have taken all the individual apps that don’t speak to each other and found a way to integrate them into their main CRM. This has given the entire team a holistic view of everything and allowed for more collaboration across the sales, marketing, service, and success teams.

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