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The State of B2B Sales in 2024 with Carlos Nouche, VP at Visualize, Inc. and Lisa Schnare, Managing Partner at ValueSelling Associate,

This week on the Revenue Insights Podcast, we are joined by Carlos Nouche, VP at Visualize, Inc. and Lisa Schnare, Managing Partner at ValueSelling Associate, Inc. 

In this episode, Lee, Carlos and Lisa delve into B2B sales in 2024. They discuss the power of human connection, the value of authenticity, and the role of AI in enhancing productivity. Gain insights on personal branding, building credibility, and the importance of human-to-human connections.

Carlos has 25 years of experience in the enterprise software industry, including sales, service, business development, creation of partner alliances and business operations. As the VP of Visualize, he grew services revenue by nearly 80 percent and delivered a profit margin increase of 43 per cent. Lisa is a sales expert passionate about helping SaaS and Services companies build successful lead generation and sales teams, processes, operations, and enablement. 

Carlos and Lisa are the co-hosts for the B2B Revenue Executive Experience podcast, where they discuss value selling, B2B sales, sales performance, marketing enablement, and increasing revenue with thought leaders or practitioners. Lisa’s mission is to drive a new pipeline within account-based sales and marketing strategies, ultimately aiding in the growth and success of every business she works with. 

Time Stamps:

  • 00:50 – Lisa and Carlos  journey into sales
  • 04:06 – The state of B2B sales in 2024
  • 09:23 – The importance of mindset in sales  
  • 13:40 – The concept of “connect and pitch” in outreach 
  • 16:51 – The value selling framework
  • 19:00 – Ways impact of the value selling framework can be measured 
  • 26:47 – Role of AI in productivity maximization 
  • 29:55 – The importance of personal branding and how AI helps in it’s actualization 
  • 34:30 – Why human-to-human connection remains crucial in sales
  • 38:04 – One book recommendation to other revenue and sales leaders


The State of B2B Sales in 2024

Lisa and Carlos describe the state of B2B sales in 2024 as varying across industries. Lisa highlights that some sectors are flourishing, indicating positive trends and opportunities. On the other hand, Carlos notes that specific sectors are facing challenges related to scaling and entering new markets. This divergence in industry-specific experiences suggests a nuanced landscape where success or hurdles depend on the sector where a B2B sales professional is engaged. Understanding these industry dynamics is crucial for sales professionals to tailor their strategies and navigate their respective sectors’ unique challenges and opportunities.

The Value Selling Framework

Carlos and Lisa, experienced sales professionals, praised the value selling framework. Carlos appreciates its simplification of the sales process, urging a customer-centric approach. He stresses the need to understand clients’ objectives deeply. Lisa emphasizes the framework’s focus on value and solutions, noting the power of its suggested questions to unveil clients’ motivations. For both, it’s more than a guide; it’s a conversation enabler fostering curiosity. By adhering to its structure, it aims not just to meet but exceed client expectations. The framework, to them, is a philosophy aligning with the transformative power of genuine understanding and value delivery.

The Role of AI in Sales Productivity Maximization 

In B2B sales, AI plays a pivotal role in sales productivity, automating tasks, enabling focus on high-value activities, and emphasizing AI’s impact on prospecting, which aids in lead identification and market trend insights. AI contributes to personal branding by refining digital presence through analytics. While enhancing efficiency, the summit underscored the irreplaceable human connection in sales, positioning AI as a complementary tool, not a substitute. Strategic implementation advice focused on understanding AI capabilities, seamless integration, and continuous adaptation. The overarching message by Lisa and Carlos is leveraging AI for informed decision-making while upholding the core values of authentic communication in B2B sales.

Importance of Personal Branding 

Personal branding is crucial for sales professionals in the B2B sales area. It goes beyond just the product or service being sold; it’s about establishing a unique and memorable identity. A solid personal brand distinguishes salespeople in a competitive business landscape, fostering trust and credibility. AI tools discussed by Lisa and Carlos contribute by refining this brand through data-driven insights into customer preferences and behaviors. By strategically leveraging AI to enhance digital presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, sales professionals can better connect with their target audience, leading to increased influence, stronger relationships, and a competitive edge in B2B sales.

Why Human-to-human Connection is Crucial in Sales 

Lisa and Carlos agree that human-to-human connection remains crucial in sales because it taps into the fundamental aspects of trust, empathy, and understanding. While technology and AI tools are advancing, they can’t fully replicate personal interaction’s nuanced and emotional elements. Building rapport, interpreting cues, and adapting communication styles based on individual preferences are innate human abilities. In complex B2B transactions, the human touch becomes a differentiator, fostering genuine relationships and addressing clients’ diverse needs. This connection establishes trust, making clients more willing to engage, collaborate, and make decisions. The human factor in sales remains irreplaceable for creating authentic and lasting business partnerships.

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