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Supporting 1,000 Sales Reps with Shiv Walia, Global Sales Operations Manager at Mindbody

In this episode of Sales Ops Demystified, Tom Hunt is joined by Shiv Walia, Global Sales Operations Manager at Mindbody. They discuss the impact of the sales compensation structure on rep productivity and revenue, lessons from Shiv’s time in Kenya and India, and the core focus on Mindbody’s sales strategy in the second half of 2021. 

The sales team is the customer for sales ops

Shiv finds supporting sales a fun yet challenging job. Shiv echoes the sentiment of other guests that for sales ops, the sales team is their customer. 

Sales compensation structure is the key to growing rep productivity and revenue 

There’s nothing more important to sales reps than sales compensation structure. It is the key to optimizing both the productivity of your reps and the revenue generation process.

All channel partners deserve equally optimized processes

Working in a large company (Dell) managing 1000s of sales reps and partners helped Shiv realize the importance of optimizing the process for partners of all sizes. Understanding a day in the life of the teams you support and the processes they interact with uncovers new opportunities for improvements. 

Mindbody’s sales and ops team structure

Mindbody’s sales teams working in the US, the UK, and Australia have supporting sales ops groups working locally. Global reporting and performance analytics happen largely in the US. 

The focus of the Mindbody sales ops team in 2021

Exploring ways of improving revenue generation and market expansion will help Mindbody move out of the pandemic recovery phase in the second half of 2021. 

Shiv’s sales ops inspirations

Hilary Headlee is currently the head of Sales Ops at Zoom and was the VP of Global Sales Ops at Mindbody. Shiv would like to take her to lunch to talk about the sales ops team structure at Mindbody and career growth in sales ops. 

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