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Tracking & Accountability in Revenue Operations with Krystal Diel, Director of Revenue Operations at Capacity

This week we are talking to Krystal Diel, Director of Revenue Operations at Capacity. With a passion for learning and improvising the processes, Krystal shares how diverse life experiences can speed up learning, the evolution of sales operations, and the significance of tracking in streamlining your operation. 

Diverse industrial experiences and sales enablement 

Krystal started her career in 2008 at Lindenwood University as a Resident Directors’ Assistant, after which she joined Dynamic Fitness Management as a personal trainer and fitness professional. 

After working in a few different industries, Krystal finally explored her passion for sales and operations when  she joined BizLibrary in a sales representation and development capacity. 

At BizLibrary, Krystal realized the significance of sales processes and how they help in sales growth and delivery. With a view to exploring the sales processes and operations further, Krystal joined Capacity as a Manager of Business Development but soon got promoted to Director of Sales Operation and Enablement. She’s currently the Director of Revenue Operations for Capacity. 

Every life experience is a learning curve 

Krystal shares that she learned crucial aspects of business, such as the difference between cold, discovery, and follow-up calls, the procedure of tracking, and evaluating performance metrics from her past work experiences. 

Creating performance evaluation metrics and evaluating the best ones motivated Krystal to enter into sales operations. 

Priorities for 2021

Krystal believes that sales operations dynamics are evolving with the digital era. With COVID-19, the need for automation in the sales operations processes have increased like never before. 

Therefore, Krystal’s plans for 2021 are to drive more discipline to revenue operations and consistency to sales. She plans to accomplish this by automating the processes at Capacity. 

“Tracking and accountability is everything, as it helps you meet the timelines and makes operations efficient.” 

Another priority for Krystal in 2021 will be robust follow-ups on projects. She plans to improve her team’s understanding and use of Jira, which Krystal believes will help in auto-scheduling, delivering, and following up with the ongoing tasks in real-time. She believes that keeping project tracking in real-time gives you a clear vision of organizational performance. 

Challenges for sales and revenue functions in 2021

Krystal believes that with remote working now being commonplace, keeping processes aligned, meeting timelines, and creating a disciplined working environment will be the real challenge in 2021. It provides less control over employees and their timelines. Krystal believes that “Remote work can never replace the office environment and discipline”.  

No#1 metric for 2021 

Krystal mentions that she is focusing on understanding her sales reps in 2021 to ensure that everyone fits into the right role and has the right responsibilities. 

Who in the world of sales ops would Krystal like to take out for lunch?

Krystal mentions being inspired by all the people she follows on LinkedIn. If she has to mention one person that would be Taft Love, as he has the same career trajectory as Krystal.

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