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Unifying the Go-To-Market Tech Stack, with Namrata Ram, VP of Sales and Strategy at Slack

On this week’s episode of the Revenue Insights Podcast, we were joined by Namrata Ram, VP of Sales and Strategy at Slack, who discusses fostering collaboration across revenue teams, the benefit of engagement signals, and why prioritization in business is critical. 

Namrata grew up in Bangalore and saw how the IT industry transformed the city which inspired her to become a Software Developer. She soon realized her passions lied in building strategy and yearned for a role where she would have a birds-eye view of the business. So when Slack reached out 3 years ago, it was a perfect fit. 

Show Notes 

[00:40] – Nam’s Story

[04:45] – The uniqueness of Slack’s PLG sales process

[09:09] – The positives and negatives of PLG sales

[12:34] – Creating consistency across global revenue teams

[15:07] – How Slack fosters collaboration across their revenue teams

[21:07] – Integrating engagement signals into a single location (Unifying the GTM tech stack)

[22:36] – The benefit of engagement signals on sales performance

[24:50] – The challenges of onboarding new members into remote teams

[29:44] – Why prioritization in business is critical

[36:26] – How Slack is looking ahead to 2023 with greater integration with Salesforce

[38:32] – Nam’s book recommendation – Influence by Robert Cialdini

Learn more about: 

Aligning your GTM function 
How to prioritize your sales deals 
Encouraging collaboration between teams 

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