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How to close more target accounts with deal qualification

Sales methodologies guide sellers on how to engage prospects at various sales stages. At the very first stage, qualification methodologies (such as Challenger, BANT, MEDDPICC®, etc.) have long been established to create structure and process when opportunities enter the pipeline. Ultimately, the goal is to create consistency at different stages, ensuring sellers follow best practices…

How to Run Pipeline Reviews (according to high-performing sales teams)

Pipeline reviews, love them, or hate them, are a vital fixture in a salesperson’s week. Done well, they are an opportunity for guidance, reflection, and improvement. Done poorly, they waste time, create frustration, and can leave reps feeling alienated. Pipeline reviews tread a fine line between helping a rep to make quota or creating friction…

6 Ways to Close More Deals (backed by data)

Sales communities flood with opinions and conjecture on how to win more deals successfully. In truth, all this advice is dependent on many factors. Who are you selling to? What industry are you targeting? What does the sales process look like? How long is the average sales cycle? How many stakeholders are typically involved in…

The Four Pillars of Revenue Operations with Jake Hofwegen, VP of Global Revenue Operations and Enablement at Contentful

In this episode of the Revenue Insights Podcast, host Lee Bierton is joined by Jake Hofwegen, VP of Global Revenue Operations and Enablement at Contentful. Jake shares how the function of revenue operations (RevOps) has evolved over the past decade. He breaks down rev ops into four pillars and shares his experience in scaling tech companies from 220 million to over a billion in ARR. Jake also shares the benefits of pivoting to a six-month planning cycle while finding the right balance between planning and implementing.

How to Deliver Better Lifetime Value from Customer Insights with Rouzbeh Rotabi, Chief Revenue Officer

In this episode of the Revenue Insights Podcast, host Lee Bierton speaks with Rouzbeh Rotabi, Chief Revenue Officer and revenue leader at Orum, Marqeta and more. The free-flowing discussion pivots around staying engaged with your customers and using the insights to tailor your go-to-market strategy. Rouzbeh explains how feedback from customers and prospects can identify pain points that can be addressed with messaging and positioning. A quick caveat, they can vary from market to market. Lee and Rouzbeh also discuss implementing feedback loops and engagement metrics to identify risk and shape strategy. There’s a brilliant piece on leveraging revenue efficiently for sustainable growth, a paradigm shift from the growth at all-cost strategy—“Slow down to speed up.”

7 Most Common Mistakes When Annually Planning Sales

Planning has two main approaches. Let’s call them proactive and reactive planning. Good sales plans include both. They account for hurdles in implementing new initiatives and track the right data needed to evaluate rep performance, addressable market, and initiative value.  Great sales plans go one step further. They approach planning as a constant process of…

How to use Mental Models to Close More Deals, with Sunne Kumaar, Global Vice President of Sales at ServiceNow

In this episode of the Revenue Insights Podcast, host Lee Bierton is joined by Sunne Kumaar, Global Vice President of Sales at ServiceNow. They discuss what a mental model is, how to recognize mental models, and how mental models can be applied to building successful sales teams.

4 changes to improve your sales forecasting process

This blog covers the main symptoms that result in forecasting inaccuracy, some quick fixes to improve your sales forecasting, and some more significant changes.

Top 7 Strategies To Close Deals Faster

Learn how to consistently close more deals faster with these 7 top strategies.

The Ultimate Guide To Sales Pipeline Management Best Practices

We outline the structure of essential strategic meetings that encourage collaboration, introduce a new level of visibility, and improve forecasting accuracy.

The complete guide to the 7 stages of the sales cycle

Improve your sales process with 7 clearly defined sales stages that provide better pipeline visibility for both sales reps and managers.