What You Need to Become a Successful Operations Leader with Jaclyn Balben, VP of Operations at Bamboo Health

Jaclyn Balben, VP of Operations at Bamboo Health, joins us in the next episode of The Revenue Insights podcast to discuss how to manage operation teams effectively, the role of communication and engagement in doing that, and the importance of building solid relationships with your teammates.

Managing the teams effectively

Managing large teams starts with communicating the goal and mission clearly. Operations teams should understand what types of outcomes you want to be delivered and keep your data as clean and usable as possible.

Get the leaders on board

If RevOps is not aligned with leadership, it might be that the team is not working effectively. Most revenue operations insights should directly and materially contribute to the sales leadership team goals. Then, leaders should be helping RevOps to ensure the last is translating that effectively.

Aligning the teams vertically and horizontally

It all starts with effective and constant communication by driving proactive collaboration between teams and having them share insights and work on the same goals. To do that, you could invest in formalized enablement functions to take some of the burdens of the teams and ensure that people know where to get the information and the resources they need. 

Building relationship

Anyone that is in a revenue operations role has to love being a problem solver to everyone. You should understand that your primary job is to help the revenue team deliver its goals. If you collaborate with your peers and teammates, you will be much more successful than doing it yourself. So building solid relationships is critical, especially when you ask people to trust you.

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