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productivity tools that work
4th December 2018 | Sales and Marketing

The 5 Sales Engagement Tools That You’re Probably Not Using

Research from Challengerinc says that 57% of the a customers’ purchase decision is made before they even talks to a…

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dreamforce 2018
18th September 2018 | Ebsta, Events

How to make the most of Dreamforce 2018

Next week, we have the pleasure of attending Dreamforce 2018, the seminal event of the Salesforce community’s annual calendar. Taking…

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be more productive with ebsta
22nd June 2018 | Ebsta, Salesforce Related

Want to be more productive and effective by bringing Salesforce and Gmail together?

Consider Salesforce and Gmail integration with Ebsta You can be more productive if you’re using Salesforce for CRM and Gmail…

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Ebsta salesforce usage report
22nd June 2018 | Salesforce Related

Some key takeaways from Ebsta’s Salesforce Usage Report

Using Salesforce is not without its challenges A quick count reveals that there are at least ten key areas of…

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gmail integration with salesforce
22nd June 2018 | Ebsta

How Gmail Integration With Salesforce Works

Many companies are using Google G Suite to meet their requirement for business productivity software. Equally, a lot of companies…

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Salesforce data quality
6th December 2017 | Sales and Marketing

5 Shocking Stats About Salesforce Data Quality

A customer relationship management (CRM) system like Salesforce provides many benefits for sales, marketing, and service teams such as having a better ability…

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accurate salesforce data
11th October 2017 | Stories

Top 3 Sales KPIs that Require Accurate Salesforce Data

Just last week I was browsing the website and filling out forms to view content for a product that I…

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researching your prospects before making your call
1st September 2017 | Sales and Marketing

How To Properly Research Your Prospect Before the Sales Call

Let’s face it, sales calls aren’t easy. Not only do you have to go through the pain of trying to…

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sales techniques that work
1st September 2017 | Sales and Marketing

5 Online Sales Techniques That Actually Work

The success of your company ultimately depends on your ability to sell. Without this essential skill, you can say goodbye…

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