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Product Release: Account Insights, Positive & Negative Factors and lots of filters

Never let a key relationship go stale in a target account

When accounts grow over time, it can become impossible to keep a track of the key stakeholders, their role, and when they were last contacted. In fact, it can become very easy to completely lose sight of the decision-makers, leading to deals going idle, prospects stalling, and even worse – existing customers lacking the support they need.

With Account Insights, you now have access to more relationship insights than ever before. Dive deeper into each account with visibility of all linked contacts, their current engagement score, how many of your team have a relationship with that person and when they were last contacted – plus much more.

Account Insights unlocks the engagement score and contact details of all contacts linked to an account

Sort each account by who you have a strong engagement with and identify where your weaknesses lie. With Ebsta Account Insights, you now have the ability to create a relationship map for the account too. Build a hierarchy of key contacts, label their role on the buying committee and create a clear map of the account. 

Through an improved user experience, there is now a clear view of how engagement with the account is trending over time. Understand how well prospects are being engaged as the opportunity progresses through your pipeline. Through visualisations, we provide a clear picture of which contacts are continuing to be well engaged in the account as well as which are starting to fall idle and require more engagement to accelerate the progress of the deal.

Account Insights provides clarity for users engaged with the customer journey. For sales development reps (SDRs), it reveals existing relationships for prospects, including who on your team already has the strongest existing relationship. For sales teams implementing account-based selling (ABS) strategies, it offers a clear perspective on the hierarchy of target accounts, how they are structured, and how well key decision-makers are being engaged with. Finally, for customer success, it provides key insights for customer retention, such as which stakeholders have not been engaged with recently, and which need to be nurtured.

Account Insights is available to the following users starting today:

  • Ebsta Professional
  • Ebsta Ultimate

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Relationship mapping enables you to visualise the connections in each account and understand where the weak links lie

Revealing the positive and negative factors underlying the performance of each opportunity

Forecasting becomes unreliable and inaccurate when you lack visibility over your accounts, base decisions on gut feeling, and pipeline reviews rely on your team as the single source of truth.  This creates major issues for sales leaders who need to be able to accurately forecast and base their decisions for the quarter on reliable information.

With the release of Positive and Negative Factors, you now gain oversight into the hidden factors underlying the performance of every opportunity. Embedded into the insights sidebar, visibility is now provided over a variety of factors including deal stage, opportunity amount, engagement score, time spent in stage and more.

This empowers decision making for sales leaders and enables them to make more accurate decisions when forecasting. With positive and negative factors, there is now a birds-eye view on the performance of each account which is benchmarked against historical data, ensuring you can forecast with confidence by having visibility over the positive and negative factors influencing the deals in your pipeline, all in one place.

Positive and Negative Factors provides a co-pilot to deal success

Account Insights enables leaders to pin-point deals that need their attention in pipeline reviews and coach reps against data-driven insights. Reps can feel empowered with these insights to improve their own performance and increase their chances of closing more deals faster. Positive and negative factors instantly provide clarity over how the deal is progressing in comparison to your benchmarks. As a result, this also enables sales leaders to make swifter decisions with more confidence and provide guidance and support based on the data in your CRM.

Through positive and negative factors, being able to gain a quick overview of a deal is easier than ever. Rather than consuming the time of your team, all of this information is now contained within forecast insights, so you can see in an instant how opportunities are performing.

Positive and Negative Factors is available to the following users from today:

  • Ebsta Professional
  • Ebsta Ultimate

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When working with longer sales cycles, having visibility over pipeline further into the future enables leaders to plan and prioritise appropriately. Without this, it can be easy to tunnel vision on late-stage deals, and not considering the full context of the pipeline.

With more flexible date filters, Ebsta is now providing greater visibility of your pipeline. Located at the head of forecast insights, there is now the option to view pipeline trends for the next quarter, as well as the individual months in that quarter. Through this filter, users now have the ability to out-of-quarter forecast, thereby enabling more accurate planning for future months.

Now filter the date by previous, current and next quarter, as well as specific months

This is particularly useful for those responsible for building pipeline by creating a view into all opportunities being created. It is now possible to understand your pipeline far further into the future, by unlocking perspective on open pipeline, best case deals, committed deals as well as closed for the next quarter. As a result, this makes planning more effective in determining whether future pipeline needs to be built, and which areas require attention over the coming months.

Flexible date filters are now available to the following users starting today:

  • Ebsta Professional
  • Ebsta Ultimate

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Compare pipeline change across previous months and quarters

Likewise, when we are considering forecasting for longer sales cycles, it’s also critical to be able to compare over longer periods historically. Without this, you lack visibility into deals which have slipped, gone idle or are trending downwards. As a result, potentially strong deals can go stale and even be lost, simply because of a lack of information on how the deal is progressing.

The latest upgrade to our forecast insights flowchart resolves this issue with a new advanced date filter. Users are now able to update the filter and compare pipeline change with five new options;

  • Last quarter
  • This quarter
  • Last month
  • Last week
  • This week

Using this it is now possible to see trends over new and longer periods of time. This addition becomes very powerful when you are working with longer sales cycles, as it enables you to observe trends and changes across previous quarters, instead of just previous months. As a result, it’s now significantly easier to see which deals are slipping, and which are going idle through the forecast flowchart.

Change the forecast date filter to compare your pipeline to previous periods

The pipeline data filter is available to the following users starting today:

  • Ebsta Professional
  • Ebsta Ultimate

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