Ebsta Powers Copado Growth

Copado, a leading DevOps platform powering the world’s largest digital transformations, recently announced it has closed $96 million in Series B funding, bringing the total funds invested in the company to $117 million. The financing was co-led by Insight Partners and Salesforce Ventures, with additional investment from Lead Edge Capital, ISAI Cap Venture (Capgemini and ISAI joint fund), and Perpetual Investors.

Copado has achieved unrivalled growth in its sector with the assistance of the Ebsta Revenue Intelligence Platform integrated with Salesforce to underpin and scale their data-driven account-based selling (ABS) strategy. The additional business intelligence that Ebsta’s system supplied has enabled Copado to optimize their process improving their sales velocity by 9% which resulted in them achieving a 24% growth revenue over 3 months. 

Speaking about the recent increase, Ted Elliott; the CEO of Copado, said “Ebsta has allowed us to scale the Copado business fast, with their unique approach to predictive scoring our board always has confidence in our forecast.”

Copado’s utilization of Ebsta’s Opportunity Scoring system allowed the team to prioritised the deals that had lower levels of engagement. Ted explained, “Our sales team have […] benefited from using the Ebsta engagement score as a ‘north star metric’ to measure success at building real relationships with our target audience, to underpin our account-based selling strategy and identify opportunities at risk earlier.” This insight led to Copado reducing their opportunity risk by 61% and through strategic focus on key opportunities improving their pipeline engagement by 16%. 

Ted added, “We simply would not have been able to achieve the consistency of penetration with companies in an active sales process without the ability to monitor the trend of engagement with every relationship at every target account.”

“I am excited to see the impact of the latest Ebsta predicative forecast and look forward to both companies working even closer together in the future.”

Speaking of Copado’s success Guy Rubin, the CEO of Ebsta, added “I would like to congratulate Ted and his team on building a fantastic business that has already achieved some impressive milestones.

“It’s great to see Copado’s investment in Ebsta has delivered over 100% growth.

“We continue to prove our approach to predicting forecast and scoring engagement to drive relationships at target accounts is the new normal for anyone focussed on scaling a SaaS business.”
Find out more about Copado’s story by reading in our Copado case study.

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