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How To Engage With More Prospects Through Ebsta’s Cadences

Reaching out to your prospects can be pretty tricky. It’s hard to make yourself heard through all of the noise. Similarly, it’s expected that the average number of sent and received business emails per person a day is 121, which means that people are swamped with emails.

Needless to say, salespeople have a really hard time trying to reach their target audiences and be noticed. We all know that first impressions are the most lasting, but this doesn’t mean that once you manage to capture your prospects’ attention, you can rest on your laurels.

Automate your outreach

Automating sales outreach is a must as it allows you not only to maintain regular contact with your customers but also to take advantage of various metrics. It takes 6-8 attempts to reach a prospect, and yet 44% of salespeople give up after the first attempt. The process of following up with every Lead and Opportunity can be extremely time consuming and overwhelming as the to-do lists build-up, so it’s no wonder many fail after just one touchpoint.

That’s where Ebsta’s automation software helps to streamline your outreach; ensuring you never miss a follow-up again and can improve the effectiveness of your activity with intelligent insights.

What is an Ebsta Cadence?

A cadence is a series to steps to nurture relationships with people. These can be made up of different tasks, including emails, calls, meetings and LinkedIn connections. They’re designed to help salespeople scale their outreach efforts and automate much of the busy work.

Ebsta’s Cadences integrates directly with Salesforce and helps you to automate your workflow, and personalize your emails with filed merging, This tool is integrated with both Gmail and Outlook and can be done by scheduling emails and automating tasks to nurture a prospect’s relationship.

Ebsta reports on open rates, click rates and reply rates to measure the performance of workflows and will allow users to make changes to improve their success. You will be able to enrol up to 500 recipients in one go from within your Mailbox or Salesforce.


How to use Ebsta Cadences?

Let’s take a look at a possible scenario:
Instead of only sending your prospect whatever email you whipped up, you can get them started on a cadence that’s been pre-tested so you know its more likely to be opened.

You can start your prospect off with a Welcome email: ‘ Hi John, thanks for choosing us. Here’s some tips & tricks to help you achieve a higher engagement rate with your customers’
Three days later you can schedule a Follow-up email: ‘Hi John, did you know that Ebsta’s cadence tool allows you to enrol up to 500 prospect to a campaign? To find out more about this click here’
Five days later you send John a Survey email: ‘Hi John, thanks for trialing our Inbox tool. Please could you fill out the form below to let us know how we’re doing,..’

John has responded to one of your emails and clicks on the link you have provided. You can now add John to a different cadence as you know what his interests are.

What are the most common cadences being used?

  • Welcoming/onboarding
  • Lead nurturing
  • Subscription renewals
  • Customer feedback
  • Marketing campaigns

Final thought

If you’re looking for the best outreach strategy that will help you connect with your prospects, keep them engaged, and skyrocket your sales, then Ebsta’s cadence feature is the first step you need to take to accomplish this. So if you haven’t already, set up your Ebsta cadences, however, if you’re new to hearing about this tool then try our 14 day Free trial.