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Product Release: Opportunity Next Step

Pipeline reviews provide the opportunity for managers and leaders to dissect their teams’ pipelines to reveal where deals are at risk and where they need to be focusing their time.

This follows a simple four-step process; analyze the deal, work out what is working, identify what needs to be done – and then update the next step.

With the release today of the Opportunity Next Step, we are completing the circle and enabling teams to conduct entire pipeline reviews from within Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform.

When the next review meeting comes around, managers can dive into how their reps’ pipeline is performing, identify deals at risk, and coach them to get the deal back on track. Then it’s simply a case of recording the next step within Ebsta which then syncs automatically back to your CRM.

This simple process helps managers to turn insights surfaced by Ebsta into an action plan for reps’ to follow. Not only does this improve efficiency, but it also helps to build accountability by ensuring reps commit are committing to doing something about it which is all recorded back into your CRM.

As the next pipeline review meeting rolls around, you can then quickly determine whether that next step has been taken or not, further supporting teams’ to focus on the deals that are most likely to close.

The Opportunity Next Step is live in Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform starting today, and is available to customers with the following subscriptions;

  • Professional 
  • Ultimate 

To empower your pipeline reviews, get started for free with Ebsta today.

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