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Different roles, different perspectives

Having worked in several software organizational roles, Nicholas developed a firsthand understanding of an individual personal driver. For salespeople, that means effectively selling software. When you’re in the services part of the software organization, you care for the product to run successfully. And when you’re in the product management team, you should ensure that the product is easy to implement.

Balancing the revenue artistry and data

RevOps should think of operations and understand the life cycle from the very first moment. So think of your strategy and what you are trying to achieve, the assumptions you are making, and how you will follow that whole process from end to end.

Driving collaboration across teams

First, empathize with the challenges individuals deal with. Then, be curious about their work and start asking questions. Once you start asking and have a good partnership, you will learn from them and solve the organizational problems.

Changes in the enterprise sales and PLG

On the enterprise level, InVision made a significant shift from on-premise software to SaaS, while PLG has become a way of starting to trial software.

Integrating PLG into the sales process

The biggest challenge working with a PLG enterprise sales motion is ensuring you react to the customer’s needs without being overly pushy. There are two aspects of PLG. One is evaluating your solution value and whether or not this is a fit for the problem you are trying to solve. Second is providing a positive impact outside of the original organization you have engaged with.

Table of Contents

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