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Disqualifying Early: Leadium’s Key to Success with Managing Partner Collin Mitchell

This week on the Revenue Insights Podcast, we are joined by Collin Mitchell, Managing Partner at Leadium, an award-winning B2B lead generation agency.

In this episode, Lee and Collin discuss the current challenges facing sales teams, delving into how to determine opportunities for coaching and improving sales reps. Collin further shares Leadium’s approach to qualifying and disqualifying deals, to which he attributes their 87% win rate.

Collin has over fifteen years of sales experience and is passionate about driving revenue growth for sales teams with top of funnel services. He is currently a Managing Partner at Leadium, having previously been VP of Sales, where he helps B2B SaaS companies generate qualified leads and appointments. He further hosts the Sales Transformation Podcast and is an investor and advisor to several organizations, drawing on his three successful exits as a founder and co-founder.

Time Stamps:

  • 01:52 – Collin’s career journey
  • 03:43 – Challenges facing Leadium’s clients
  • 06:22 – Should we have an SDR function?
  • 08:39 – Determining what direction to take with a company
  • 11:35 – Investigating how teams can improve
  • 13:02 – The advice on LinkedIn to avoid
  • 14:56 – Is predictable revenue realistic in 2023?
  • 16:22 – Leadium’s successful tactics and techniques
  • 18:13 – What constitutes good qualification?
  • 24:08 – Leadium’s approach to disqualifying deals
  • 25:40 – Collin’s book recommendation: Sell Without Selling Out


Identifying Opportunities to Coach Reps

When working with Leadium’s clientele, Collin advocates for pulling the data on their sales cycles and identifying where deals are most commonly being lost. By doing so, you can see where your teams need to improve or where more investigation is needed. For example, if deals were being lost in the negotiation phases, evaluation should be conducted of the negotiation process, through call reviews and email reviews, to determine how to most effectively coach your reps.

What Constitutes Good Qualification?

According to Collin, Leadium is unique for the cut-throat approach to good qualification of deals, as well as disqualifying the low quality pipeline. Collin shares that good qualification begins with understanding what good is, and what a great customer is, which Collin defines as someone you can help with a problem. You can use any sales process, whether it be MEDDIC or any other, but you need to have a solid process for qualifying deals, one that is relevant to your approach, and stick to it. These are critical, along with good exit criteria, for good qualification.

How To Disqualify Deals

Leadium has an impressive 87% win rate, but, according to Collin, this is only possible through early disqualification. They are ruthless in their discovery call – only progressing these when there is a very strong opportunity. It all comes down to something very simple: knowing who you serve best. If you know your best customers then you can build your qualification and disqualification criteria around that, increasing your win rates as a result.

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