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Leveraging Trustworthy Data Insights for RevOps Success with Lisa Trumbley, Director of Data and RevOps with 10+ years experience

This week on the Revenue Insights Podcast, we are joined by Lisa Trumbley, Director of Data and RevOps with 10+ years experience

In this episode, Lee and Lisa delve into her time at Versature (now acquired by net2phone Canada), highlighting her approach to sourcing trustworthy data insights that can improve decision-making across forecasting, prioritization, and qualification. They further explore the benefits of equipping frontline sales teams with data insights to help them hit their OKRs.

Lisa spent the best part of a decade at Versature, which has now been acquired by net2phone Canada. As the Director of Data and Revenue Operations, Lisa worked with marketing, sales, customer success, support, and finance to ensure the accuracy of data, goals, processes and frameworks for defining, targeting, and prioritizing the most profitable business. Lisa came into this role after having held three different roles in the company, helping to build them from a startup: Manager of Marketing Strategy and Investment, Senior Data Analyst, and Digital Business and Marketing Analyst.

Time Stamps:

  • 00:32 – From startup to scale up: Lisa’s work with Versature
  • 03:36 – Determining ROI on ad campaigns
  • 09:07 – Crucial data points for reporting on ROI
  • 22:59- Using data to inform and improve decision making
  • 30:09 – Equipping teams with insights
  • 38:47 – Connecting insights with OKRs


How To Trust In Your Data

Lisa strongly advocates for collecting multiple data sources together to turn a Salesforce into a single source of truth. At Versature, it was important for her to track lead sources from how it came in to when it closed, keeping a timeline of it through the entire sale cycle. With multiple data sources it can be hard to keep track of each individual lead, and so she had to implement automation where possible. This all led towards creating a dataset the team could trust, which then led into the reports and dashboards she built to show where they are seeing ROI. 

Using Data To Improve Decision-Making 

With data they could trust, Versature were able to utilize insights to improve their decision-making, namely in forecasting, prioritization, and qualification. Forecasting is difficult with inaccurate data, and so building out a dataset they could trust made the forecasting process simpler, smoother, and far more accurate. Qualification is a big deal on the sales side, and with a greater amount of data, it becomes far easier. Finally, by seeing where they were getting a solid ROI, they were able to prioritize where to put the effort in to become more profitable. 

Equipping Teams With Insights To Hit OKRs 

When delivering insights to teams on the frontline, her and her colleagues would connect the insights together with individual OKRs. For example, if a sales rep needed to improve their win-rate, they would be delivered insights that were configured and presented in a way that demonstrate how changing their behavior and approach would directly translate into improving their win-rate.

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