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Learn from the brightest minds how to predictably and efficiently grow revenue.

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Mastering Sales and Customer Lifecycle Through Value Hypothesis with the GTM Team from Mabl

This week on the Revenue Insights Podcast, Anthony Palladino, Blake Kelly, and Kirsten Vonck from Mabl discuss the Value Hypothesis framework, consultative selling, customer success, and building credibility in sales. Learn how to drive sales success and improve customer lifecycle management.

Active Listening, Intent Data, and Events as Pipeline Game Changers with Leslie Venetz of The Sales-Led GTM Agency

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A Single Funnel Approach to PLG Motions with Kristen Habacht, CRO at Typeform

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The Role of Content, People and Processes in Driving Predictable Revenue Growth, with Emil Dyrvig, Chief Revenue Officer at Templafy

As CRO, Emil drives Templafy’s revenue teams, helping its customers solve a lack of content infrastructure, aligning workforces and enabling employees to create on-brand, compliant and high-performing business content faster. Emil previously served as the head of Global Accounts & Partnerships at Dropbox and held the role of Key Account Manager at L’Oreal.

Show Notes

00:22 – 01:58 – Emil’s Journey with Templafy

02:49 – 04:16 – Emil’s Journey to Chief Revenue Officer

05:11 – 08:44 – How to go-to market as an Unknown company

09:17 – 10:54 – Selling change and value to customers

14:02 – 18:35 – Guide to hiring the right people

19:35 – 22:38 – Traits to look out for when making hiring decisions

23:13 – 24:21 – How to structure a company to achieve predictable revenue

24:30 – 27:33 – Challenges and approaches to defining and solving customer pain points

28:06 – 38:35 – The role of content in driving revenue

39:13 – 40:00 – Emil’s book recommendation – John McMahon’s The Qualified Sales Leader

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