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Expand your sales knowledge with the latest analysis and expertise from high-performing sales teams.

Analysis of $54 billion in revenue: Insights from the 2024 B2B Sales Benchmark Report

Navigate the changing B2B sales landscape. Expert insights from the 2024 Benchmark report guide you towards improved win rates, shorter sales cycles, and lasting customer relationships.

Crafting an Effective Sales Kickoff with Jennie Drimmer, CRO of Thomas International

Jennie Drimmer, CRO of Thomas International, joins the Revenue Insights Podcast to share strategies for crafting effective sales kickoffs. Learn how to focus on big themes, communicate business impact, and drive results in any economy.

Effective Leadership, Evolving Go-To-Market Strategies, and Self-Sourcing with Chris Elliott, CRO of BizLibrary

Discover Chris Elliott’s strategies for maximizing seller performance within today’s buyer-driven sales environment. Learn how self-sourcing empowers top performers, why understanding buyer journeys is vital, and how to foster a high-energy work culture that boosts sales success.

Should You Replicate Your Top Performers? With Sean Frazer, VP of Revenue Operations at Dental Intelligence

Unlock the secrets to boosted sales velocity and efficiency with Sean Frazer, VP of Revenue Operations at Dental Intelligence, on the Revenue Insights Podcast. This episode dives into 4 critical data points for sales success, the game-changing time-saving capabilities of AI, and why replicating top performers might not be your best move. Packed with actionable insights, this episode is a must-listen for sales leaders and professionals seeking to optimize their RevOps.

Don’t Neglect the Discovery Stage with Frédéric Guitton of QLM

In this week’s episode of the Revenue Insights Podcast, Frédéric Guitton, Chief Revenue Officer at Quality Labor Management, LLC (QLM), joins Lee to discuss the importance of the discovery stage in managing QLM’s customers’ journeys. Frédéric shares insights on how to align sales teams on the ICP, what sets apart top performers, and how he helps his teams hit their targets. Quality Labor Management is a full-service, privately-owned unique skilled trades staffing provider, specializing in workforce management for a wide array of industries. Frédéric is also an Independent Business Owner with Tresam Group, where he helps local businesses with their sales strategy, operational structures, and capitalization. Prior to these roles, he has held many C-Suite positions at a variety of companies, including RedTeam Software and Trax Financial.

 Bringing Authenticity Back Into Sales with Stephen Thomas, CRO of Asigra

communication with customers for sales and RevOps leaders.

Stephen has over two decades of expertise in sales leadership and cybersecurity. He is currently the Chief Revenue Officer of Asigra, an award-winning agentless enterprise cloud backup and recovery platform that proactively hunts ransomware. Stephen is further an Advisor at MassChallenge, a global network for entrepreneurs and innovators.

 A People-First Approach to RevOps with Srujan Joshi of EventMobi

In this episode, Lee and Srujan explore the EventMobi person-first approach to RevOps. Srujan explains how most RevOps leaders go wrong by not considering the right person for a project, shares examples of times EventMobi got it wrong, and explores their recent integration of the CRM and how that has improved their collaboration across the team.

The State of B2B Sales in 2024 with Carlos Nouche, VP at Visualize, Inc. and Lisa Schnare, Managing Partner at ValueSelling Associate,

In this episode, Lee, Carlos and Lisa delve into B2B sales in 2024. They discuss the power of human connection, the value of authenticity, and the role of AI in enhancing productivity. Gain insights on personal branding, building credibility, and the importance of human-to-human connections.

Selling in 2023 & Beyond: What the Top 1% Have Figured Out

In this exclusive episode of the Revenue Insights Podcast, we delve back into the vault to pick the most impactful insights from our expert guests of 2023. We’ll spotlight key takeaways that slipped by, aiming to supercharge your go-to-market strategy, thought leadership, and beyond, propelling them to new heights.

Navigating Sales Chaos and Clarifying Opportunities for Revenue Teams with Adrian Davis, President and CEO at Whetstone

In this episode, Lee and Adrian discuss the current state of revenue teams post-pandemic, highlighting the crucial role of empathy and adaptability in navigating customer challenges. Adrian emphasizes that sales teams must move beyond traditional pitches and prioritize deep discovery, focusing on understanding the customer’s “hero’s journey.” They delve into the “SOCKET” filter framework that offers a path for sales to let go of a mere transaction-only mindset and build lasting, value-driven partnerships.

Why Do You Win and Lose Deals? Find Out from Four Revenue Experts 

This week on the Revenue Insights Podcast, we are bringing you a special episode on understanding why you win and lose deals, and then leveraging that data to close more deals consistently. We’re revisiting four of our esteemed guests: Loren Brockhouse, Zach Gropper, Rouzbeh Rotabi, and Eddie Reynolds.

Selling with Simplicity: Helping Customers Make Decisions with Bob Marsh, Sales Keynote Speaker & CRO at Bluewater

In this episode, Lee and Bob discuss the importance of being genuine, thoughtful, and helpful in sales. Bob delves into the shift towards simplicity in sales and the importance of personalization in communicating with prospects. He shares valuable insights on defining ideal customer profiles, the characteristics of top performers, and the use of data to enhance sales performance.