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Research Director: Seth Marrs of Forrester

Seth Marrs jumped onto Sales Operation Demystified and shared his knowledge about sales operations. Check out all the other episodes of Sales Operations Demystified here.

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Key Takeaways

A passion for sales operations

Seth has been around the sales operations field for 20 years now. Initially, he started running sales ops within small businesses and was fortunate enough to excel, and therefore shifted to running sales operations at many more businesses during those years!

When he graduated, Seth immediately started working at Apple, where he learned how technology can make a difference in business and leveraged this experience to move over to GE Healthcare.

Seth now works for Forrester and focusses on helping a wide variety of clients that are in the same type situation that he has experienced in the past.

Insights about the revenue operations trend

We have seen an increased amount of guests on this show with revenue operations instead of sales operations in their title… something must be going on.

Seth’s opinion is that this trend is occurring becuase it aligns internal organisation with the buyers journey. The same people are buying at each stage so what don’t we have the same people within the business managing those respective operations?

Inside & outside sales during COVID-19

Seth explained that COVID-19 has levelled the playing field between inside and outside sales. There are tools that allow productive conversation regardless of location such as ZoomInfo, Textus, and LinkedIn.

Interestingly, technology has been around for years but only now are buyers becoming more are open to it, says Seth.

AI’s killer app

It won’t be one killer app but an aggregation of apps, says Seth.  AI could provide the sales rep all the information they need throughout the sales process. A screen could dynamically update based on that the buyer or the sales rep with saying with the information needed to progress the sale. Seth calls this ‘Dynamic guided selling’. 

One of his colleagues: Robert Munoz at Forrester is focussed heavily on developing dynamic guided selling principles that will understand a buyers objection and then present the solution to the seller as it happens.

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