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Rachel Krug, the Vice President of Growth Operations at, jumped onto the Sales Operations Demystified Podcast to talk about her journey into sales and growth operations, how cross-functional roles can result in sales growth, and tips on operations quality assurance. Check out all the episodes here.

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Key facts

  • Rachel has experience as a product manager at Constant Contact, where she drove their Facebook advertising customer base from 110 to 5000 in 3 months
  • After Constant Contacts, Rachel moved to the right networks, where she built a team from 2-3 marketers to 13 people and worked through a 7 figure marketing budget.
  • Currently, Rachel is working at, which caters to a marketplace with over 2 million small businesses on their website or partner sites every month.

Key takeaways

  • A growth function is an original approach to commercial operations built by Rachel Krug at, it is a role focused on acquisition, retention and revenue expansion. 
  • caters to a two-sided market. One team works to get small businesses to their website using different techniques such as SEO. The other team, which Rachel looks over, focuses on commercial marketing that connects marketers to those small businesses.
  • The website also has an open community where individuals can contribute their content. 
  • Rachel stresses the scope of multifunctional understanding and adaptation of cross-functional roles. There are several internal projects searching for cross-functional managers.
  • The Salesforce at has been revamped and functions under salesforce administrator and growth operations associate. The force is focused on generating awareness for commercial products, lifecycle marketing to existing customers, KPIs reviews to get customers, and retaining customers. 
  • Needs, opportunities, pipelines, scheduled revenue, forecasting is in the system and is tracked for quality assurance.
  • A growth operations associate runs a deal desk. This involves pricing, coding, packaging of products, special projects, and new project development.
  • New business sales representatives work on prospecting.
  • benefits from different productivity measuring tools such as Salesloft.
  • The pandemic has spiked customers’ attention towards online mediums, which demands better customer service.

Key resources

#1 sales metric: expansion through products

Rachel reflects upon the current targets of that revolve around sales, with new business expansion by product. They have stepped into two new businesses in terms of products and teams. Adding account managers for assistance. Furthermore, the metrics and expansion revenue for the current quarter are also product-focused.

Rachel’s biggest influences?

Who would Rachel from the sales ops world take out for lunch? 

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