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Predict Revenue Accurately and Make Better Decisions Faster with Ebsta’s Sales Forecasting

At Ebsta, we understand the importance of forecasting and the role it plays in an organization’s ability to successfully forward plan and make effective decisions. For many organizations, however, it can be a struggle to confidently predict sales forecasts without having visibility into the true health of their sales pipeline. As a result, whilst battling out-of-date CRM records and complex reports, forecasts are often based upon the traditional ‘gut-feeling’.

We believe there has to be a better way. And that’s why we recently launched a Revenue Intelligence Platform to help empower world-class sales teams with the real-time insights they need to drive predictable revenue growth.

Today, we’ve released another update that promises to further help sales leaders confidently predict their forecast by bringing together everything they need to understand their pipeline into one single place. With our newly-updated Forecasting Insights, sales leaders have total visibility to:

  • See how your pipeline is trending and whether you’re on target to hit quota
  • Benchmark previous sales performance to understand the health of each opportunity
  • Analyze relationships, engagement, deal progression to identify risk quicker
  • Effortlessly deep-dive into each opportunity to have visibility of what’s really going on
  • Trust in your insights with accurate, automated data capture

Discover Insights Faster with a Single View of Your Pipeline

One of the greatest challenges for sales leaders is establishing a clear view of what’s really going. So, rather than navigating through hundreds of tabs – each representing an out-of-date CRM report or opportunity record – we’ve created a simple, easy-to-use dashboard that summarizes everything that’s going on.

With more real-time insights at your fingertips, you’re able to quickly understand where you are, where you’re headed and what needs your attention today to minimize pipeline risk and close more deals quicker.

So, what’s included in this new, single view?

Effortlessly Track Pipeline Changes

Our Forecasting Tracker shows you how your pipeline is trending week on week so you can quickly understand whether you’re on track to hit quota.

Each week, Ebsta will break down your pipeline and present back the progression of your Open Pipeline, Best Case, Commit and Closed Won.

The Ebsta Insights sidebar then highlights the opportunities that have trended positively and negatively each week – whether that be progression against stages, changes in anticipated deal amount, or changes to close dates – so you can deep-dive into what’s going on.

Prioritize Opportunities at Risk

Ebsta analyzes historical pipeline performance and engagement with key stakeholders – providing the “DNA of a deal” – to give you a clear benchmark. With greater insights automatically captured, you’re able to clearly understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy opportunities. Even better, a benchmark is created for each individual Rep and Team.

With the new and improved Ebsta Insights sidebar, you’re able to quickly identify those opportunities that need your attention now:

  • What opportunities are suffering from a lack of relationships with key stakeholders?
  • What opportunities have too little engagement?
  • What opportunities have been too long at a specific stage?
  • What opportunities have little to no activity?

By quickly determining opportunities at risk, you’re able to deep-dive into what’s going on and take action faster.

Improve Sales Rep Performance with Data-Driven Insights

Ebsta analyzes quarter on quarter sales rep performance to provide management with the insights they need pinpoint coaching opportunities and lead effective sales 1:1s.

  • Can you find a way to close deals quicker?
  • Can you increase engagement with key stakeholders?
  • Can you improve close rates?

Build Better Prospect Relationships to Close More Deals

When it comes to communicating with your prospects, engagement matters. It’s important to understand what your engagement looks like, if there’s any missing contact information or out-of-date records, understanding if the right stakeholders are involved.

Ebsta uses previously closed won opportunities to create an engagement score benchmark. As opportunities start to go cold due to a lack of engagement, Ebsta will highlight them so that you can focus your attention on re-engaging the stakeholders before it’s too late.

That’s not all, Ebsta’s Opportunity Activity View displays the most recent activities, including inbound and outbound emails, calls and meetings.

Powered by CRM Automation and Real-Time Data

Ebsta automatically captures information directly from mailboxes, calendars and CRM to develop a perfect, real-time representation of your relationships, activities and pipeline health.

Rather than relying on out-of-date records and pushing sales to spend time on low-value admin tasks, you can be confident that you have all the information you need at your fingers, whilst giving reps more selling time from eradicating unnecessary busywork.

Want to get discover more?

Whether you’re on an accelerated growth path or are in the advanced stages of forecasting and are looking for a way to introduce predictive forecasting, get in touch with us today.