Sell smarter with Ebsta Team

Make Salesforce a revenue machine driven from intelligent customer relationships




8,000,000 business


14,000,000 data

Everything leadership needs to optimize sales

Score engagement to show the steps to faster revenue

Improve sales performance

Prioritize the next best action to drive engagement and progress a sale. Recognize the areas for effective spot training and create a blueprint of engagement to boost performance.


Collaborate at speed

Create a seamless experience across the customer’s lifetime with the most accurate record of their journey in Salesforce and knowledge of their strongest relationship.

Put meaning against your reports

Data loses its value without context. Ebsta aligns your reporting and forecasting to real-time activity and the strength of those engagements.

Add a deeper level of reporting and forecasting to accelerate each sales cycle, capture revenue that may be missed and rescue that which could be lost.


Reduce customer churn

Move with speed against the first signs of customer flight with clear visibility of how engaged you are with each customer.

Invest in revenue across the customer’s lifetime with a sales experience built on consistent engagement of the right action at the right time.

Optimize your entire sales operation

Build deeper relationships with customers across longer life cycles and identify the wider revenue risks and expedite opportunities in your pipeline.


Hear from customers like you

Impact your revenue with Ebsta

Map every business relationship and score your engagement with them.

Predict the deals unlikely to close, the relationships that need attention and add a new level of forecasting to your sales operations.

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