Product Updates

Revenue Projection

Product Release: Revenue Projection

Achieving a high level of forecasting accuracy relies on having a healthy feed of data fuelling forecast commits. It’s all too common for businesses to lack this core foundation, leading to a lack of insight and a drought of information which frequently leads to inaccurate forecasting. Unhealthy forecasts lead to poor revenue projections which create a myriad of problems for leaders. We have introduced Revenue Projection to our platform as part of a series of updates to surface healthy data to sales teams to make better, data-driven decisions. This considers deals that are the most likely to close and provides…

Deal Score

Product Release: Deal Score

Improving the accuracy of your forecast is simple in theory – it all stems from using data before committing to a decision. Traditionally, these decisions are being made based on gut feeling, with limited visibility of what is happening within an account. To improve the accuracy of your forecast, these decisions need to be based on the genuine likelihood of those deals to close. This is where Deal Score enters the fray. We’re now providing users with predictive forewarnings that will play a key role in improving the forecasting accuracy across sales teams. Deal score introduces a tangible way to…

Manual Forecast Submissions

Product Release: Forecast Submissions

Empower reps to take control with the introduction of Manual Forecast Submissions Inaccuracy in forecasting is an age-old problem. Often these are made based on gut feeling, rather than having the insights required at your fingertips. Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform has brought all of these insights to the surface, and now with the introduction of Forecast Submissions, this process can be streamlined without reps needing to leave the platform. Users are now empowered with the ability to submit their forecasts while the data is in their hands. Each input is then synchronized with your CRM, ensuring that forecasts are being…

Live updating in Ebsta

Product Release: Inline Editing

Update opportunity details in real time without ever needing to leave your platform Trying to juggle inputting data into your CRM and spreadsheets is an unforgiving task for reps. Time is inevitably lost as deals need to be updated in multiple places, creating inconsistencies and ultimately wasting valuable time which could be spent engaging. We have now released Inline Editing which enables reps and leaders to update deal details in real-time. When you update these fields, the change in value is automatically synced with your CRM. The beauty of this is it allows you to edit deal amounts, close dates…

Product Release: Account Insights, Positive & Negative Factors and lots of filters

Never let a key relationship go stale in a target account When accounts grow over time, it can become impossible to keep a track of the key stakeholders, their role, and when they were last contacted. In fact, it can become very easy to completely lose sight of the decision-makers, leading to deals going idle, prospects stalling, and even worse – existing customers lacking the support they need. With Account Insights, you now have access to more relationship insights than ever before. Dive deeper into each account with visibility of all linked contacts, their current engagement score, how many of…

Ebsta announces Meeting Scheduler for Outlook

Ondrej Bosak jumped onto Sales Ops Demystified to share his knowledge and experience as Revenue Operations Manager of Exponea

Cadence Enhancement for Inbox Users

Ondrej Bosak jumped onto Sales Ops Demystified to share his knowledge and experience as Revenue Operations Manager of Exponea

Product Update: Ebsta Inbox for Outlook version

Product Update: Ebsta Inbox for Outlook version By now you’ve probably heard about our latest Outlook Integration with Salesforce. We’ve released an update to our brand new product to improve the user experience when you’re sending emails. What was happening? Outlook Desktop is linked directly to an Outlook Server. Information between Outlook Desktop and the Outlook Server syncs every few seconds. Emails sent via Ebsta will momentarily remain as a “Draft” to ensure the email that is sent is the latest version synced with the Outlook Server. This process typically takes 5-10 seconds, but may take up to 60 seconds….

Product Update: Ebsta Inbox Outlook For Mac

This month, we have an exciting update! We’re now bringing the power of our new Outlook integration for Salesforce to Mac users. Designed to help sales people supercharge productivity and automate tasks, it includes all the best-loved features: Automatically sync emails and calendars to Salesforce View, edit and update Salesforce records from Outlook Mac Effortlessly track email opens and clicks in real-time Access Salesforce templates Enroll people into personalized cadences What does this mean for users? If you’re an existing Ebsta user on Outlook for Desktop or Online, keep doing what you’re doing. Just know the you can now access…

New and Improved Ebsta Console

New and Improved Ebsta Console This month, we have big plans for our Ebsta Console! As you already know, it is the Hub of all activity and management for both Admins and Users. To make your Ebsta journey easier, we’re rolling out a brand new design to help you navigate and manage your favorite features, including Calendar Bookings, Cadences, Email Sync and so on. What does this mean for you? The new Ebsta Console has a revamped look with design changes made to the color scheme It’s now easier than ever to access Ebsta features, as we have consolidated all…