Product Updates

Bringing Revenue Intelligence to Salesforce

Have you ever tried to build furniture without the instructions? You can follow your gut and may end up with a completed project – but there will always be a few screws left over. Your sales team can feel like that too. Their CRM may show them the parts – but without the data and understanding they need to close, it’s inevitable that deals will be left on the table. Revenue intelligence can be your sales team’s instructions.  It shows them how all the pieces of customer information fit together. How does it do this? By collecting and analyzing sales…

Deal Qualification Guide

Follow Ebsta’s 8 step process from popular sales methodologies to identify the factors that lead to deal success.

Bringing Ebsta’s Insights into your Salesforce Org

The next step in powering your CRM with revenue intelligence, with our improved Visualforce User Interface (UI) and Web Components.

Product Release: Forecast Submissions

The latest release to Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence platform is Forecast Submissions – available to Pro & Ultimate customers

Product Release: Opportunity Next Step

Pipeline reviews provide the opportunity for managers and leaders to dissect their teams’ pipelines to reveal where deals are at risk and where they need to be focusing their time. This follows a simple four-step process; analyze the deal, work out what is working, identify what needs to be done – and then update the next step. With the release today of the Opportunity Next Step, we are completing the circle and enabling teams to conduct entire pipeline reviews from within Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform. When the next review meeting comes around, managers can dive into how their reps’ pipeline…

Product Release: Slack Integration

Modern tech stacks leave us jumping from system to system. Often, this means losing the vital time which these tools are designed to help us save. At the very least, it creates frustration in trying to communicate across these different systems.  We’re streamlining those communications with the release of our integration with Slack. With this, Ebsta now seamlessly speaks to Slack, allowing teams to share links to opportunities from within our Revenue Intelligence Platform. Bring insights to life by sharing opportunities you are working on with your manager, your reps or your colleagues.  To share a deal via Slack, we’ve…

Product Release: Forecast Roll-Ups

Finding out how your reps and teams are performing is often a regular, tenuous task for leaders. It involves taking precious time to understand where deals are at, what is happening and what their plans are. Not only are these inefficient uses of time, but they consistently omit key pieces of information which are vital for a leader’s decision making. To help make ‘catch-ups’ a thing of the past, we are introducing Forecast Roll-Ups to provide complete visibility of individual rep and team performance. This enables leaders to dive into how their teams are progressing towards their quota, what they…

Revenue Projection

Product Release: Revenue Projection

Achieving a high level of forecasting accuracy relies on having a healthy feed of data fuelling forecast commits. It’s all too common for businesses to lack this core foundation, leading to a lack of insight and a drought of information which frequently leads to inaccurate forecasting. Unhealthy forecasts lead to poor revenue projections which create a myriad of problems for leaders. We have introduced Revenue Projection to our platform as part of a series of updates to surface healthy data to sales teams to make better, data-driven decisions. This considers deals that are the most likely to close and provides…

Deal Score

Product Release: Deal Score

Improving the accuracy of your forecast is simple in theory – it all stems from using data before committing to a decision. Traditionally, these decisions are being made based on gut feeling, with limited visibility of what is happening within an account. To improve the accuracy of your forecast, these decisions need to be based on the genuine likelihood of those deals to close. This is where Deal Score enters the fray. We’re now providing users with predictive forewarnings that will play a key role in improving the forecasting accuracy across sales teams. Deal score introduces a tangible way to…

Live updating in Ebsta

Product Release: Inline Editing

Update opportunity details in real time without ever needing to leave your platform Trying to juggle inputting data into your CRM and spreadsheets is an unforgiving task for reps. Time is inevitably lost as deals need to be updated in multiple places, creating inconsistencies and ultimately wasting valuable time which could be spent engaging. We have now released Inline Editing which enables reps and leaders to update deal details in real-time. When you update these fields, the change in value is automatically synced with your CRM. The beauty of this is it allows you to edit deal amounts, close dates…