Expand your sales knowledge with the latest analysis and expertise from high-performing sales teams.

The Art and Science of Selling with Andy Paul, Author, Podcaster, and Speaker

In this episode, Lee and Andy dig into the art and science of selling. They explore the need to align values betweens individual sellers and their managers, the importance of listening to your buyers to determine what processes you implement, and the value of giving your sellers autonomy to find their own unique selling styles.

Why Do You Win and Lose Deals? Insights from Guy Rubin, CEO of Ebsta, at Inbound 2023

In this episode, Guy discusses Ebsta’s process for producing insights reports, guiding you through an example from an anonymous company, to help you to understand why you win and lose deals.

Guy Rubin is the Founder and CEO of Ebsta and is passionate about helping B2B sales teams scale their revenue engine. Having been founded in 2012, Ebsta now delivers real-time forecasting tools and uses engagement trends to benchmark live pipelines against previously close-won deals.

A 5-Step Framework For Efficient Coaching with Consultant Justin Jay Johnson

In this episode, Lee and Justin discuss the current disengagement among sales reps and how this can be addressed. Justin shares his five-step framework for coaching: Tell, Show, Observe, Coach, Repeat, offering both reps and companies advice for encouraging constant improvement and progression to help with quota attainment.

Leveraging Trustworthy Data Insights for RevOps Success with Lisa Trumbley, Director of Data and RevOps with 10+ years experience

In this episode, Lee and Lisa delve into her time at Versature (now acquired by net2phone Canada), highlighting her approach to sourcing trustworthy data insights that can improve decision-making across forecasting, prioritization, and qualification. They further explore the benefits of equipping frontline sales teams with data insights to help them hit their OKRs.

Disqualifying Early: Leadium’s Key to Success with Managing Partner Collin Mitchell

In this episode, Lee and Collin discuss the current challenges facing sales teams, delving into how to determine opportunities for coaching and improving sales reps. Collin further shares Leadium’s approach to qualifying and disqualifying deals, to which he attributes their 87% win rate.

The Path to Sales Success: How to Create a High Performance Sales Team

In this episode, Lee and Thomas discuss how to effectively develop a team of sales reps in order to create a high performing team that sets itself apart. Delving into the importance of instilling ownership and accountability, emphasizing the need for leaders to provide support, training, and structured processes and continuous development to help reps succeed, Thomas shares his insights as to what makes individuals make the Top 1%.

B2B Sales Benchmarks: INBOUND ‘23 Special with Guy Rubin, CEO of Ebsta

This week on the Revenue Insights Podcast, we head over to Inbound 2023 to hear from Guy Rubin, CEO of Ebsta. In this episode, Guy discusses the Ebsta 2023 B2B Sales Benchmark Report, highlighting the good, bad, and shocking statistics it uncovered. Tune in as he shares three stages for building a predictable revenue engine,…

Auditing the Customer Journey with Penina Shtauber, Marketing Director at ScaleOps

This week on the Revenue Insights Podcast, we are joined by Penina Shtauber, Marketing Director at ScaleOps, Israel’s leading HubSpot partner and Revenue Operations company.

In this episode, Lee and Penina explore ScaleOps’ work providing both revenue operations and marketing operations as a service. They delve into the issues surrounding CRM adoption, how businesses can align marketing and sales, as well as the process of auditing the customer journey.

As Marketing Director, Penina is responsible for leading all marketing efforts at ScaleOps, including company partnerships, brand development, live event and webinars, and content strategy. She has developed marketing operations at over 40 companies ranging from enterprises to SMEs across the HubSpot ecosystem. She is also a member of the HubSpot Partner Advisory Board representing the voice of the partner community when it comes to major decisions for the HubSpot program.

Enable Your Prospects, Not Just Your Team with Roy Schuhmacher, VP, Sales and Business Development at NAS

This week on the Revenue Insights Podcast, we are joined by Roy Schuhmacher, VP of Sales and Business Development at NAS Recruitment Innovation, a leader in recruitment marketing.

In this episode, Lee and Roy discuss his journey from running his own business to starting at the bottom of the business food-chain. They further delve into identifying and replicating winning behaviors, the value of personalization and how to scale it, and the importance of enabling prospects, not just your team.

5 Ways to Use the Ebsta Integration With HubSpot to Improve Sales Performance

How to improve adoption of HubSpot with Ebsta

Unlocking the Full Potential of Enterprise Sales with Shannon Reedy, Chief Revenue Officer at Terakeet

This week on the Revenue Insights Podcast, we are joined by Shannon Reedy, Chief Revenue Officer at Terakeet, the preferred owned asset optimization (OAO) partner for Fortune 500 brands seeking meaningful customer connections and online business growth.

Reverse Engineering Your Sales Meetings with Kevin O’Connell, Vice President Global Sales at Seismic

This week on the Revenue Insights Podcast, we’re joined by Kevin O’Connell, Vice President Global Sales at Seismic.

In this episode, Kevin discusses his experience driving the sales team at Seismic. He talks us through the importance of preparation for all aspects of sales and how he operationalizes good preparation across his team. He further delves into the value of mutual action plans and how being candid with clients can turn around high risk customer accounts.

Kevin O’Connell is an experienced sales leader with expertise across sales, operations, and marketing, with a consistent track record of hitting and exceeding revenue growth targets. He is the current Vice President of Global Sales at Seismic, the global leader in enablement, helping organizations engage customers, enable teams, and ignite revenue growth.