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Leading through the highs & lows of life in sales

In this episode, we look at the highs and lows of a career in sales, leading through a crisis, how to seek help and when leadership should intervene. We also discuss how to pick yourself up with the New Year and the challenges that success can bring.


Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

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How to leverage sales networks and communities

By Calum Morrison | November 24, 2020

What role can sales networks and communities play in your sales strategy and how do we best engage with them?

We explore the existing communities, the business case for building your own, and how to steer your personal network into a sales conversation

Sales leadership: mindset & method

By Calum Morrison | November 16, 2020

This week we’re distilling the mindset and methods behind successful sales leadership

How our thinking will change outcomes, instilling mindset in others, what corrosive looks like, and the importance of hiring.

The new role of technology in sales

By Calum Morrison | November 9, 2020

We explore the sales tech to prioritize, how to successfully implement it, when to remove it, and what success looks like.

Enterprise sales and account based strategies

By Calum Morrison | November 2, 2020

Getting under the hood of how to map your serviceable market, create your ideal customer profile, identify the logos to pursue, and how to then gain a foothold in them.

sales leadership and wellbeing cover

Sales leadership and wellbeing

By Calum Morrison | October 26, 2020

What is wellbeing, how does it translate to the current working conditions, and how do we ensure it’s measurable and sustainable in the current sales climate?

Sales expansion and new frontiers

By Calum Morrison | October 20, 2020

The strategies to expansion and whether it’s something we should be considering in the current sales climate. Increasing headcount, advancing into new territories, and how to optimize the existing customer base.

Deconstructing sales and revenue operations

By Calum Morrison | October 20, 2020

Are we making revenue through the same channels and how has the disruption opened new avenues for businesses?

Panel for impacting sales outlook in Q4 broadcast

Positively impacting the sales outlook of Q4

By Calum Morrison | October 11, 2020

How will sales leadership positively impact the closing three months of the year, what to prioritize, and how mindset will play a part.

cover for impacting q4 podcast

The new fundamentals of sales forecasting

By Calum Morrison | October 11, 2020

We partnered with CSO UK to look at how to forecast with thinner strips of data, the re-emerging role of gut-instinct, the science behind sales, and the importance of aligning engagement as a buyer indicator.

How to drive sales with social selling and personal branding

By Calum Morrison | September 29, 2020

The risks, opportunities, and steps to leverage social selling and personal branding within your sales org.