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Introducing Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform

Today, we’re launching a powerful new product that helps Sales teams to improve forecasting accuracy, identify risk and increase customer engagement. Say “hello” to Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Professional

We started Ebsta with the vision of providing simple, powerful tools that help businesses engage better with their customers and make the most of sales opportunities. With over 1,600 businesses using the Ebsta Platform, spanning a wide range of industries, sizes and structures, we’ve improved on this initial vision by introducing much-anticipated tools that help businesses build better relationships to drive predictable revenue growth. 

At the heart of Ebsta’s Revenue Platform is Forecasting Insights, Activity Insights, and Pipeline Insights. These powerful tools enable Sales teams to:

  • Have better visibility of their pipeline with accurate, up-to-date insights.
  • Quickly spot the opportunities that have low engagement and need attention.
  • Monitor activity levels and their effectiveness to help close more deals.
  • Ensure relationships never go cold with real-time engagement scoring.

Let’s dig a little deeper into what you can do with Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform. 

Forecasting Insights

Sales Leaders put an enormous amount of time into sales forecasting, but still, their forecast fails to reflect reality. By estimating sales figures, you have a clear goal in front of you that you need to achieve in a stipulated time span. Sales forecasting helps in identifying the problems at the right time to work on it instantly.

Ebsta’s Forecasting Insights helps empower sales teams with more accurate and up-to-date forecasts. By analyzing opportunities in real-time, Sales Leaders have the confidence to:

  • See what opportunities they’ve won and lost and then drill down to see this over time, by owner and by team.
  • Use the forecast summary to identify strengths of each sales team based on the targets they achieved.
  • Visualize quotas through automatically generated reports and dashboards.

Activity Insights

You know that measuring your sales team’s activities is vital. It helps you to optimize individual and group performance, and ultimately, pipeline and conversion. 

But while it may be essential, it’s difficult to understand :

  • How your sales team is performing
  • What deals are being worked on
  • How sales reps are prioritizing effort

Ebsta’s Activity Insights allows Sales Leaders to gain instant visibility into your team’s activities to help you:

  • Know exactly what sales reps are doing and how they are performing
  • See how sales reps are prioritizing efforts
  • Know where coaching is needed

Activity Insights measures calendars, email engagement and activity to automatically track every sales activity so you have better visibility of how your team is performing over time.

Pipeline Insights

Until now, seeing a complete overview of your sales pipeline required a lot of admin work and time to put together sales reports, which made visualizing your sales pipeline challenging. We know it’s important for you to keep track of your sales opportunities as they progress through your sales process, hence why we’re introducing Pipeline Insights. 

Ebsta’s Pipeline Insights offers complete visibility into your pipeline so that you’re able to:

• Monitor engagement across every opportunity in your pipeline

• Track whether opportunities are trending positively or negatively 

• Spot opportunities and renewals suffering from a lack of engagement

• Dive into team activity within every opportunity

Pipeline Insights gives you everything you need in one place and offers weekly email summaries so you can always stay informed.

What’s the Impact of Revenue Intelligence?

We’ve started working with a number of companies like Copado whose already discovered 61% opportunities at risk, then they increased opportunity engagement by 16%.

To find out more check out Copado’s record-breaking story.

Getting started with Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform

All the features mentioned above are available on the Ebsta Professional plan. In addition, you’ll also be able to try it for free for 14 days

If you’re not already using Ebsta, you can start your free trial and be up and running in minutes. You can also take a look at our pricing page for more information on Ebsta pricing and to compare all plans available.

If you’re already an Ebsta customer, we’ll be sending you details of Ebsta Professional. You can start a free trial and upgrade your Ebsta package. Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager for more details.

For more in-depth information on how to use Ebsta Professional take a look at our Knowledge Base Article.

We’re really excited to share this new addition to Ebsta with you and hope we can help you get the most out of it in order to support you in growing your business.

If you have any questions or need any support, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team.