Pipeline Insights

Quickly spot the opportunities that have low engagement and need attention.
Pipeline Insights (1)
Gain complete visibility into your pipeline so that you're able to identify deals that are at risk before it's too late.

Identify opportunities at risk faster

With Ebsta, you can accurately track sales activities, stakeholder engagement and negative pipeline trends to highlight opportunities that need attention before it's too late. Compare changes over time to see whether you're trending positively or negatively toward your quota target.

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Help your sales team hit quota

Use Ebsta's Pipeline Insights to focus individual sales reps on the opportunities that have the best chance of closing quickly and need their attention. With a clear view of stakeholders and activities, you can advise reps on the next best action to progress the sales process.

Deep-dive into every opportunity

Ebsta's Pipeline Insights dashboard makes it really easy to browse through opportunities in the pipeline and prioritize those that need attention. Have better visibility of what's going on with each opportunity by reviewing relationships and previous activities. Determine the next best step based on more accurate information.


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