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Director Of Sales Operations: Kali Berry of Remesh

Kali Berry jumped onto Sales Operations Demystified to share her knowledge and experience in Sales Operations. Check out all the other episodes of Sales Operations Demystified here.

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Tools Mentioned:

Key Takeaways

Kali spent time cold calling…

Like many other guests, Kali’s route into sales operations came through sales… after a couple of weeks of cold calling, Kali’s boss at the time mentioned that it may be better for Kali to move into a more operational role. Kali started with some basic sales admin, such as supporting with RFP’s… and then the business was acquired by Thompson Reuters.

The sales team then grew from thirty reps in the US to hundreds of reps globally… and Kali joined the sales operations team that supported them.

Using Salesforce to drive productivity

Kali mentioned that when she joined Remesh, each rep was spending a significant amount of time in Salesforce to input the data they were generating. After joining, Kali then set about automating small steps to give each rep back a number of minutes each day.

Kali prioritizes other projects to improve rep productivity by looking at both the impact of the project and the time and effort that it will take to complete.

Ensuring sales productivity in a remote working world

Over the past couple of weeks Kali and her team have taken a number of steps to ensure sales rep productivity as they are working remotely:

  • Rolling out Docusign – ensuring all sales reps have the ability to distribute electronic contracts
  • Extra training on Zoom – ensuring all reps are perfectly comfortable running remote sales calls
  • Comprehensive resource repository – ensuring all documentation is saved online in a place that their sales reps can find

#1 metric: Phone Activity

Kali shared that the sales metric she would choose to measure if she could only measure one for the rest of her career would be simply: phone activity. She has found a strong correlation between the number of calls and the number of opportunities created by an SDR. Sales management uses this data to manage the performance of the sales development team.

Biggest influences:

Kali shares two big influences:

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