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The Art and Science of Selling with Andy Paul, Author, Podcaster, and Speaker

In this episode, Lee and Andy dig into the art and science of selling. They explore the need to align values betweens individual sellers and their managers, the importance of listening to your buyers to determine what processes you implement, and the value of giving your sellers autonomy to find their own unique selling styles.

Why Do You Win and Lose Deals? Insights from Guy Rubin, CEO of Ebsta, at Inbound 2023

In this episode, Guy discusses Ebsta’s process for producing insights reports, guiding you through an example from an anonymous company, to help you to understand why you win and lose deals. Guy Rubin is the Founder and CEO of Ebsta and is passionate about helping B2B sales teams scale their revenue engine. Having been founded...

A 5-Step Framework For Efficient Coaching with Consultant Justin Jay Johnson

In this episode, Lee and Justin discuss the current disengagement among sales reps and how this can be addressed. Justin shares his five-step framework for coaching: Tell, Show, Observe, Coach, Repeat, offering both reps and companies advice for encouraging constant improvement and progression to help with quota attainment.


Establishing a High-Performance Business through Efficient Change Management with Zach Gropper, Founder and CEO at Insight Revenue

In this episode of the Revenue Insights Podcast, host Lee Bierton is joined by Zach Gropper, Founder and CEO at Insight Revenue. In their discussion, they cover several topics, such as the significance of a business operating at a high level, the impact of change management on a business, techniques to enhance business and customer retention, the interrelationship between various departments within a business, and the necessity for a seamless transition during a leadership change.

Zach has held the positions of Head of Sales at CEB, Africa Report for CNBC, and AirDNA. He also has vast knowledge and experience in revenue generation and is constantly finding strategies to improve businesses. 


00:20 – 03:40 – Zach’s Story

04:00 – 07:30 – How to build a high-performance business model 

07:35 – 08:20 – Theory of change management 

10:00 – 14:00 – Approaches to implementing change management 

14:21 – 18:05 – Leveraging on auditing using the CV Gartner model

18:14 – 26:21 – Businesses should be customer-centric

27:06 – 28:31 – Improving the success rate of the customer service 

23:14 – 27:33 – How proper handing over to the CS improves the adoption and retention of business strategies 

31:30 – 37:33 – Ensuring successful execution of change management 

40:09 – 43:10 – Having 20% improvement in performance by having constant conversations with customers and implementing observations

43:28 – 46:41 – Identifying high-performance professionals

46:50 – 49:00 – Zach’s Book Recommendation: Chris Voss- Never Split the Difference

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