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In this episode of the Revenue Insights Podcast, host Lee Bierton is joined by Jaime Konzelman, Vice President, Sales North America & Canada at Unisys. They explore the intricacies of cultivating meaningful connections with individuals, delving into various subjects that encompass the significance of relationships and effective strategies for building them in the year 2023. Additionally, Jaime shares valuable career guidance to leaders on navigating and prospering in times of economic downturn.

Jaime has also held the position of Vice President of Sales at Atos. Before that, she was a Marketing Manager at Acxiom, Luxor Hotel and Casino, and Posterscope. She also has vast knowledge and experience in business and people management and is constantly looking for ways to improve relationships that will foster business growth.  


00:20 – 02:55 – Jaime’s Story

04:00 – 07:30 – Leveraging conversations to build relationships

10:17 – 15:39 – Importance of mentoring 

19:45 – 23:04 – Improving your skill set to increase your chances of employment  

25:10 – 31:28 – The five steps to sales prospecting 

34:14 – 37:57 – The reason for professionals losing sight of the value of relationships

39:06 – 41:40 – Significance of trust in relationships and how to develop it

44:10 – 46:30 – Improving leadership soft skills that make a difference in business handling  

48:18 – 50:31 – The ways to build genuine, authentic relationships in 2023  

52:09 – 54:43 – Approaches to coaching professionals on how to build relationships with prospective clients 

56:28 – 57:41 – How Jamie’s helped to close huge deals, including a $300million deal, through her expertise in business sales and relationships

59:10 – 1:02:02 – Zach’s Book Recommendation: Chris Voss- Never Split the Difference

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How do you leverage conversations to build relationships?

Building and maintaining meaningful relationships is fundamental to our personal and professional lives. While various factors contribute to relationship-building, conversations play a crucial role in establishing connections and fostering trust. Jaime emphasizes that “leveraging conversations effectively can help individuals forge lasting relationships that are built on understanding, empathy, and mutual respect. They can help in improving a professional output.”  

Importance of mentoring 

Mentoring is a powerful tool that profoundly impacts personal and professional growth. Mentors offer guidance, encouragement, and advice, helping mentees navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and achieve their goals. 

“In the business world, it is important to seek guidance for self-improvement. This can be done by getting a mentor at one’s place of work. This mentor would help you see things in a better light, that would help you quickly attain mastery of the business.” – Jaime Konzelman 

Improving your skill set to increase your chances of employment

A problem faced in the business world is how easily workers can be retrenched, but this won’t be a problem if one develops their skills. Improving one’s skills helps to improve one’s odds in the labour market. This skill set isn’t limited to just job skills but also their relationships with people and customers.

“Each time a business I was working for got sold, I was never worried, as I easily got another replacement because of my rich resume and skills I acquired over the years.” – Jaime Konzelman 

The ways to build genuine, authentic relationships in 2023

In the realm of sales, adopting a philosophy of service is crucial for building genuine relationships. Lip service and idealistic claims of being a servant leader are common, but true authenticity lies in embodying these principles daily. Preparation and doing thorough homework on potential leads are key aspects. Instead of simply sharing generic information, go the extra mile to understand their pain points and the company’s objectives and tie your offerings to their needs. 

The art of communication plays a role as you aim to intrigue and invite them into a conversation. Viewing every interaction as an opportunity to serve others, add value, and demonstrate professionalism and authenticity ultimately leads to successful conversions. 

Additionally, being a conduit for information that caters to different stakeholders’ personal needs is crucial. By customizing messages and showing an understanding of their concerns and ambitions, you separate yourself from the competition and establish a partnership mindset. This approach results in substantive conversations, genuine opportunities, and long-term relationships built on trust. 

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