Manual Forecast Submissions

Product Release: Forecast Submissions

Empower reps to take control with the introduction of Manual Forecast Submissions

Inaccuracy in forecasting is an age-old problem. Often these are made based on gut feeling, rather than having the insights required at your fingertips. Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform has brought all of these insights to the surface, and now with the introduction of Forecast Submissions, this process can be streamlined without reps needing to leave the platform.

Users are now empowered with the ability to submit their forecasts while the data is in their hands. Each input is then synchronized with your CRM, ensuring that forecasts are being submitted when reps have the insights into their open opportunities fresh in their minds. This helps to reduce inaccuracies by ensuring these decisions are being committed based on insight, rather than on emotion.

Submit your forecast whilst you review

Alongside just being able to submit forecast, Ebsta now provides visibility of these totals in relation to how you are pacing, giving you a complete overview of performance in relation to your quota. Submissions made via this feature instantly update your pipeline trend chart, where you will see the new additions of commit and upside submitted.

With the introduction of manual forecast submissions (as well as inline editing), reps can now review their pipeline and manage forecasts without the need to interact with a cumbersome CRM. Using the user filter at the top of the pipeline trend chart, reps have the power to analyze their own pipeline, identify where improvements are required, and update their opportunity details, all within Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform.

So not only can leaders benefit greatly from more accurate forecasts, but reps can now begin to extract the same level of insight and data into their details to increase their chances of success. The best part is that changes made via forecast submission and inline editing are synchronized with your CRM. Therefore you can review your pipeline and address any issues instantly without needing to jump back and forth.

Live updating is available to customers with the following subscriptions today;

  • Professional
  • Ultimate

To begin empowering your reps (if you are not already using Ebsta) then get connected today.

Pipeline trend chart now updates with commit and upside submitted, allowing you to track how you are pacing compared to your quota
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