Sales Operations

Sales Operations Best Practices: Kirsty Charlton of Signal AI

Kirsty Charlton of Signal AI jumped onto Sales Ops Demystified to share her sales operations best practices.

What Comes After Salesforce?

Two decades ago an idea took flight from Telegraph Hill. It wanted to deliver enterprise software that was as simple to use as a website like

Sales Ops Interview: Alex Williams of Roxhill Media

Tom & Henry host a Sales Ops interview with Alex Williams of Roxhill Media where he shares his extensive knowledge and experience in Sales Operations.

What Is Sales Operations? A Chat Rory Brown of Kluster Intelligence

Rory Brown jumped onto Sales Operations Demystified to answer the question… what is sales operations? And further share his knowledge and experience in Sales forecasting and planning.

Sales Operations & Planning: Justin Kersey of Merrill Corporation

Justin Kersey jumped onto Sales Operations Demystified to share his knowledge regarding sales operations and planning along with his broader experience in Sales Operations. Justin interestingly does not have direct sales experience, his background sits within operations and finance.

Sales Ops Demystified: A Systematic Approach To Scaling Sales

Tom and Henry try to understand exactly what Sales Operations is and what they are responsible for.

Ebsta's Team Edition With Oliver Squires

Oliver talks about the brilliance of the team edition tool for your company, in other words the information is gathered when adding an account into Salesforce. For instance Oliver provides brilliant examples of using the team edition tool.

The hot topic on everyones lips at Dreamforce is data quality?

B2B companies understand data quality is a foundation for success. Our business goals are packed with objectives like generating leads, building the pipeline, shortening sales cycles and reducing churn.

Salesforce Data Quality: 5 Shocking Stats

A customer relationship management��(CRM)��system��like Salesforce provides many benefits for sales, marketing, and service teams such as having a better ability to manage��a sales or leads pipeline, build a 360 degree view of each customer, and boost employee productivity.