Selling with Simplicity: Helping Customers Make Decisions with Bob Marsh, Sales Keynote Speaker & CRO at Bluewater

In this episode, Lee and Bob discuss the importance of being genuine, thoughtful, and helpful in sales. Bob delves into the shift towards simplicity in sales and the importance of personalization in communicating with prospects. He shares valuable insights on defining ideal customer profiles, the characteristics of top performers, and the use of data to enhance sales performance.

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Why Do You Win and Lose Deals? Insights from Guy Rubin, CEO of Ebsta, at Inbound 2023

In this episode, Guy discusses Ebsta’s process for producing insights reports, guiding you through an example from an anonymous company, to help you to understand why you win and lose deals.

Guy Rubin is the Founder and CEO of Ebsta and is passionate about helping B2B sales teams scale their revenue engine. Having been founded in 2012, Ebsta now delivers real-time forecasting tools and uses engagement trends to benchmark live pipelines against previously close-won deals.

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Leveraging Trustworthy Data Insights for RevOps Success with Lisa Trumbley, Director of Data and RevOps with 10+ years experience

In this episode, Lee and Lisa delve into her time at Versature (now acquired by net2phone Canada), highlighting her approach to sourcing trustworthy data insights that can improve decision-making across forecasting, prioritization, and qualification. They further explore the benefits of equipping frontline sales teams with data insights to help them hit their OKRs.

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