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Using The Ebsta Score to Measure Sales Engagement and Smash Your Sales KPIs

In a customer-centric world, it’s no secret that customer engagement is the key to success. And as a Sales Manager, you’re already aware that your customers are the lifeblood of your business. That’s why it’s important that you engage with them. The problem is that there are plenty of companies out there who just don’t understand the importance of engagement. Successful brands who engage with their customers understand that customers want to interact with their peers and learn something of value – which has never been easier thanks to the Ebsta Score.

Introducing Ebsta Score

We’ve developed the Ebsta Score to help Sales Managers quickly understand their Rep engagement with prospects and customers in real-time.

The Ebsta Score is:
• A score between 0-100 that indicates the level of your engagement
• Generated from analysis of interactions with customers or prospects in real-time. It includes emails, calls and meeting insights
• Weightings are applied to the volume, timeline and type of activity
• Each Rep can be assigned a unique Score based on their engagement
• Engagement is measured between each Rep and each Salesforce Object (whether it be a Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity or Custom Object). This allows you to immediately identify the strongest relationships and whether the right person is engaged with the record

Figure 1: Visual example of Ebsta Score 

Opportunities and Pipeline Management

Ebsta Score will allow users to see if they are engaged with their biggest Opportunities, and if there are any opportunities at risk because of a lack of engagement. This helps Sales Managers to better identify if their Sales Reps are proactively reaching out to prospects and clients and shift their focus to ignite sales and increase revenues.

It’s important to maintain a strong relationship throughout the sales process. And understanding a drop off engagement is key to identify risk ahead of time and focusing Reps efforts to rekindle the relationship or revise their forecast.

Benchmarking it against key information against the Opportunity and helps to prioritise action, including:

  • Ebsta Score vs. Stage Duration – Are any Opportunities stalled? Are Reps over-investing time in Opportunities that aren’t progressing?
  • Ebsta Score vs. Stage – Have any Opportunities stalled at the latter part of the sales process?
  • Ebsta Score vs. Value – Are Reps prioritising your highest value Opportunities?

Figure 2: Visual representation of Ebsta Dashboard in Salesforce to review account opportunities


Improve Account Based Selling Tactics

Ebsta automatically identifies relationships across your whole business – whether they’re in a different team, department or office.

When approaching an account, you’re able to immediately recognise who has the strongest relationship and leverage their relationship for the warmest possible introduction.

As the prospect progresses through the sales process, the overlap becomes easier, from business development, to sales engineering, to the sales manager, to the customer success manager, helping to improve the customer experience but also promote collaboration between colleagues.

Figure 3: Visual example of sales rep that has the best relationship with a customer 

Overcome Challenges of Salesforce Reporting

Salesforce records activities but their out-of-the-box reports don’t provide the necessary insight into true engagement.

Most reports will track Last Activity or Total Activities. But these don’t provide a full picture of how strong the engagement is, who the engagement is between and what type of activities have come under consideration.

The key aspect in any sales process is the strength of the relationship your Reps have built and how strong that engagement is. With out-of-the-box reports, you’re dependent on Rep activity being recorded into Salesforce. However, the challenge is that it’s somewhat one dimensional and doesn’t necessarily tell the full story.

Figure 4: Graph depicting Ebsta reports vs normal reports

From the graph above, we can see that Salesforce shows Last Activity Date, but these activities don’t relate across Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Custom Objects. Hence, a user in unable to identify each activity’s true opportunity.

In Salesforce, we can further see the Total Activities spread across different opportunities, however activities may not be consistently recorded to Salesforce, leading to unknown gaps.

With the Ebsta Score, users are able to get weightings between different opportunities, activity types and at different stages, allowing you to see multiple client opportunities, as well as client engagement levels.

How to get started with Ebsta Score?

Requirements: Ebsta Team

You’ll need to be using Ebsta Team to begin leveraging the Ebsta Score.

If you’re an Ebsta Team customer, you’re able to write the Ebsta Score into Salesforce to build out reports and dashboards that highlight Rep engagement with Leads, Contacts, Account, Opportunities and Custom Objects. Please refer to our Knowledge Base for instructions on how to get up and running with Ebsta Score or contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

If you’re not an Ebsta Team customer but would be interested in finding out more, please request a demo to get a walkthrough of how Ebsta Score can help your business better understand engagement.